November 7th, 2011


An Evening with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer

Well that was great fun!

It was very intimate, informal, and entertaining...and the venue extended the curfew, so they ended up entertaining us for nearly 3.5 hours! 

Both Neil and Amanda were hilarious...there were some serious songs and readings too, and those were nice as well. Amanda sang a very nice version of that "follow you into the dark" song. Neil read some great short stories and poems. The two interacted like a married couple that obviously love each other a lot, and it was all rather adorable.

Part way through the evening, Neil read this story about a girl whose sister becomes the host for an orange alien...and it was hilarious...and I suddenly had this moment where I thought "holy shit, this guy wrote an episode of Doctor Who" ...haha. It was like my first Supernatural Convention where half-way through the J2 panel I realized that they were Sam and Dean...things that I already know sometimes suddenly catch me off guard, it's odd. 

Amanda is very beautiful too. She had this great dress on and looked amazing, but she bounded around the stage in her boots like a normal person (as in, she didn't walk around like an elegant lady wearing a was cute.) The dress had this long train, and she'd just gather it all up and hold it in her hands when she had to move quickly (which was always).

At one point, she apologized because she was playing a lot of new material for us. And the following exchange took place:
Amanda: You guys don't mind, do you?
Audience yells: No, it's great!
Amanda: Oh good, I just needed to hear that because I'm insecure.
Audience member yells: We love you!
Amanda: That doesn't matter! ...I mean, thanks, but I'm sure people love you too, and you're still insecure! So you understand how this works.

I thought it was a great exchange, because it's so true.

I only had my cellphone with me, and I was high up in the theatre, but here is a picture:

Also, for those who like Supernatural locations - I'm pretty sure that the Vogue is the theatre that Supernatural used for Criss Angel Is A Douchbag.


Needed: On The Head of a Pin 4x16

Last vidding post for a while, I promise...

Does anyone have a solid link on a logofree copy of 4x16 OTHOAP? It's kind of crucial for my vid, and it's the ONE file that doesn't work from the source I currently have.

Maybe I should just try to figure out how the hell you rip commercial DVDs. It'd make my life so much easier, since I HAVE THEM ALL. Arg.

So, yeah, any pointers would be great. I've started the slow process of remaking my vid....but I'm limiting myself to only working on it for an hour at more each day, so that I don't waste another whole weekend.

Either download info, or info on what rips DVDs. I downloaded Super the other day, but I don't understand it...maybe it can rip DVDs? I can experiment tomorrow. I've already used my vidding hour up today.