November 5th, 2011

Puppy Is Mad

Quick Reaction: 7x07 The Mentalists

Hello! Here I am home again, mildly intoxicated and a little bit chilly.

So, this is the episode that I saw being filmed, though, they did cut a lot of what I saw - still, FUN TIMES! All the fun stories from my evening of watching them film are in this post, but I'll point out what scenes they were in the review.

Here we go....

Collapse )

Next week: SHENANIGANS! (Seriously, I don't know what the heck was up with that "next time" - I think I'll continue to avoid spoilers.

Vid Disaster! Help?

Disaster has struck my vid! Move Maker has decided that it doesn't like .mp4 files. It loads them, lets me play with them for a bit, and then tells me that they are corrupt - thus not only ruining all the work I just did, but wasting my time.

My vid has now dropped down to only 30 seconds complete again, and I've lost about 3 hours of work. 

I'm going to see if I can get the encorder to save them as .m4v files and see if that's any better...

In the meantime though, if anyone knows of any free software that will change .mkv files into .avi files, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Or alternatively, if anyone has a link for downloading .avi copies of the episodes in DVD/Bluray quality - that would avoid these problems altogether! - PLEASE LET ME KNOW. 

ETA: IT LOOKS LIKE SO FAR THE .m4v VERSIONS ARE WORKING! So, let's cross our fingers that they continue to do so!  I have now got the video back up to 44 seconds! Yay!


So sad.

Also, Jared's dog died...which is far worse than my vidding problems.