November 3rd, 2011


Damn You, WIPs!

I just accidentally read a WIP that is completed up to the point where everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong, horribly - with everyone in mortal danger and seemingly no way to fix it.....and that's it. So, now I'm stuck with this overwhelming sense of despair and dread that makes it pretty much impossible for me to get anything done.

Sigh...maybe I'll go renew my car insurance.

In other WIP news:

The Novel Project
-I've heard from all but one of you guys. So, it looks like we're almost good to go. I may send out another email in the next few days to test formatting issues. So, just a heads up on that.
-I've decided to scrap the first chapter, and use the second chapter as the first. This means more work for me! Yay? Seriously though, the first chapter was craptastic, I think I made the right decision - it just means that I've got to go through and make sure that I'm still introducing the characters properly.

-I thought of yet another timestamp piece for the demented'verse, and I have a 800 words of that written. Ironically, I'm thinking of scrapping those 800 words and instead writing it all from an OCs POV during the main action, and not having all the set-up. 

6x22/7x01 AU
-Those of you who have been reading my rewatches know that I came up with an idea for an AU during 6x22. I'm probably going to write it. Right now it's sitting in my head as mostly just a concept.

If Clothes Could Talk
-I've updated the pre-existing coats for S6, but that's about it so far. I might update the pre-existing shirts today. Actually, yeah, that's probably what I'll do this evening, since that WIP I read destroyed my ability to do much else. (Right now I gotta eat, renew my car insurance, and then go to physiotherapy - 'cause I know you were curious.)

In Other News
-I start work on Monday, supposedly. It'll be nice to make money again, but I really wish it was with a new job, and not the old contracting company that constantly mismanages me. Lately I've been filled with the despairing thought that I'm not qualified for any job, no one will ever hire me, and I'm doomed to be broke and miserable forever. But at least I have you guys! *cheers* *drinks*

Supernatural Tomorrow!!
-I thought I might have a shindig that I had to go to, but it turns out that I don't - so I'll be doing my usual routine of watching at my friend's place and then walking home and typing up my reaction around midnight. Tomorrow's episode is the one that I saw being filmed back in September. I gave most of my behind the scenes stories in the post then, but tomorrow during my quick reaction, I'll be able to tell you exactly what scenes I saw being filmed. :)