August 25th, 2011



Apparently there are still Jared photo-ops available at VanCon. I...I kinda want to get one. They are $99 though, and I am unemployed. Also, I would probably not like the picture anyway, because I'd end up looking like a smiling-too-wide-dork in it. Also, I'd be nervous.

So, no, I won't get it. That would be a stupid thing to do. (*keeps repeating that to myself*)

In other news, I tried to wake up bright and early so that I could go down the road and buy photo-paper for my printer...and I did! (It was easy to wake up early, because I'm still on Ontario time)...but sadly, the photo-paper place doesn't open until not-bright-and-early. So, I'll be pretty much putting all my eggs into the "I can print good quality photos at home" basket, because I won't have time to run out to London Drugs or Kinkos or wherever if this doesn't work.

All this, and I don't even know what I'm wearing to this Shindig. Maybe I'll wear my Singer Salvage shirt tomorrow...I wonder how many other people will be wearing one though...sigh. Maybe I'll just wear what I'd normally wear and be done with it.

Basket spilled, eggs everywhere...

You TRY to save money...

After spending a great day with borgmama1of5, sandymg, and metallidean_grl and then meeting up with ratherastory and elsewhere_kels and some other girls that I did not get the LJ handles of. I stopped in at London Drugs to buy my photo paper! Success!

Only, I got home, printed the first two off-centre, but then I figured out the settings! And then...I ran out of ink.

So, yeah. not much I can do at this point. I don't have time to get new ink. I'll just get them to sign the mis-alligned ones, I guess. Or the ones that printed too dark at Staples. Or...or...I'll go to London Drugs and spend $6 a pop to get them printed right. Thus having wasted tons of money in an effort to save money. 


I really hope there is a Jared photo-op still available tomorrow morning, because I need a hug, and I'm willing to wait until Sunday to get it if it's from the right person.... 

ETA: Ok, I shouldn't be so negative. I really did have a great day! We went on a mini-location tour and saw "Chicago", Madison's house, Truman High, Rufus's House, Chuck's House, Nick(Lucifer)'s house (Chuck and Nick live on the same street), the Lulu Island Trestle Bridge, and we did a driveby of the studio. ..then capped it off by driving back into Downtown over the Cambie bridge (as seen in the French Mistake).

And then we had a great dinner at the Spaghetti Factory in Gastown...which was delicious.