August 24th, 2011

The Boys in BC

Goodbye to Ontario

It's time for the annual posting of my favourite Emerson Hart song, as I once again bid farewell to Eastern Ontario for another year. 

I will miss you Ontario - the proximity to my two oldest siblings and my mum, the house I grew up in (the one we still own), the weather (yes, even the humidity, because without the humidity there would be no epic thunderstorms that more and more frequently have the power to destroy everything we know and love), the proximity to Quebec (which contains two very close friends), and Eastern Canada (which stole my heart some time ago). 

It's a frequent debate in my head - whether I should keep living in Vancouver, or return to Ontario. The truth is though, that my problems aren't based on location - and I've got more of a chance to figure things out in Vancouver for the time being. 

Before I get too mushy, I should say: I won't miss the bugbites. My cousin had a lovely outdoor wedding this past weekend, but now I've got mosquito bites all over my feet - and really, the effects should be classified as torture and outlawed by the UN. In related news, I've decided that witchhazel is my new god. Method of worship: the ecstacy felt when it works.

ETA: Bonus song - related to a recently flocked post of mine, and because the next Canada Day is too far away.

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