August 8th, 2011


My sister is a lucky sonova....

I just got this message from my sister (who flew back to Vancouver today...I am still in Ontario):

Just hangin at yvr with genevieve padalecki! -Sue

I am eagerly awaiting more details...because that is literally ALL SHE SAID. Such a goddamn tease. 

(Note about my sister: She often meets VERY cool people completely by accident or has awesome things happen to her coincidentally...this happens to her nearly every time she leaves the house. She seems to be a magnet for awesomeness. Personally, I think it's because she's such a great person, so I can't really get angry about it.)

ETA: UPDATE. She adds

I just came back down and saw jared and said are you looking for your wife? And he droppwd his arms and said yes! And I pointed and said I think I saw her up here and he said oh ya there she is and they ran and hugged!