May 26th, 2011

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Movie Review: Repeaters

Tonight I went to go see a special screening of Repeaters at District 319.  Some Supernatural fans might recognize District 319 as the venue for Supernatural's 100th episode party, but that's neither here nor there. (Though, guys, I've totally been to a shindig at the same place as the entire cast and crew of Supernatural...just not at the same TIME.)

Anyway, tonight they had a screening of Repeaters with a Q&A session afterward with the director and some of the actors. 

The movie was really good, guys! It is coming soon to a netflix/dvd store near you, and I recommend that you check it out.

It stars Dustin Milligan (who some of you may better remember as Corbett from Ghostfacers), Amanda Crew, and Richard de Klerk (who some of you may better remember as Scott Carey, third special-kid fatality on Supernatural in Hunted). 

Repeaters is a psychological thriller. The premise is a dark Groundhog Day - three patients at a drug-rehab facility find themselves repeating a Wednesday, unsure of when the cycle will stop or if their actions even have any baring on stopping the repeating day. It just so happens to be a day where they all have a day-pass to leave the facility and try to make amends with their family (if they can, or even want to), but why visit people you may not even like, if there are no consequences to your actions?...
Basically, if you liked Mystery Spot because of how psychologically f*cked up it was for Sam - you'll probably like this movie.
All the actors do an amazing job in this movie. Richard de Klerk and Amanda Crew have both been nominated for awards for their role in this movie. As you might be able to guess from their work history, it's a movie entirely cast with Vancouver actors. The whole film is shot and set up in the city of Mission, and it's a great setting that really adds to the feel of the film.
Also, Dustin Milligan and Richard de Klerk are pretty...and for those who like girls, Amanda Crew has a cute little freckle in the indent of her lip. It's rather adorable. Um, but just because they are pretty, does not detract from the fact that they are wicked actors - who get pretty fucked up psychologically.

ETA: Dude! Also, if you want to see Missy Bender (from The Benders) all grown up and gorgeous, you should totally watch this movie! Alexia Fast has also been nominated for a best supporting actress award for her role in Repeaters.