March 2nd, 2011



 Guys guys...I think I might want to get a Tumblr! 

Talk me into out of it please!

What would I even do with a Tumblr besides reblog all these cool things I am finding on Tumblr? 

Also, apparently some people talk about my fic on tumblr?! This is true, because someone told me on this here journal...I-I wonder what they are saying...hopefully they are not making fun of my inability to come up with intriguing summaries...IT IS ONE OF MY GREAT FLAWS.

If I got a Tumblr, what would you want me to do with it? HOW AM I NOT PLEASING YOU ALREADY?! Or should I just not bother? 

Je suis je ne parle pas francais...aber ich kann Deutsch. 

Also, it is late, and I have obviously entered the randomly weird time of night. I wish you all a Wonderful Wednesday.