January 17th, 2011


How's it going?

Oh, fine, thanks for asking.

I've completed 5 fics from my prompt meme! Yay! I have another half of one written on my computer, that I'll probably finish up tomorrow after work. That will leave only 4 or 5 left to do (if I chose to do ever single one, but right now I'm thinking I might veto one or two, just because I can't come up with anything particular good for them).

I also got a bit carried away with one of them, and it took me two days to write and I ended up having to post it in 7 parts :-P ...that's what I get for attempting a triple-crossover/demented'verse with a fandom that I've never written in before.

Anyway, is the show back on yet? I'm bored. I've already watched my Sherlock DVDs, now I'm just twiddling my thumbs. I'm going to check out Being Human tonight, even though I don't like vampires...if any of you watch/ed it let me know what you thought in comments. I predict that I'll be mildly entertained for an hour, but not feel like making a habit of it....

Still don't know what to do with my life. I'm contemplating trying for editing again, rather than the film industry. I don't know.

Tomorrow I'm getting my eyes checked. Yay! Hopefully I can make it home alright afterwards. Also, hopefully, I'm not going blind or anything. It's a sad world that I have to spend my Christmas money on health-appointments, by the way - I was under the impression that I lived in Canada, but apparently the Canadian government doesn't view eye-health as a basic human right. Thanks guys.

ETA: BOO! 5 minutes in and my sister kicks me off the TV. I thought she was staying at her boy's house tonight. *heavy sigh*...to torrents!

First 5 Minute Review of Being Human: Awesome intro, love the use of that Wintersleep song!
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