January 14th, 2011

Sneaky Castiel

Comment Fic Meme!

Alright folks, spontaneous decision: I'm going to have a comment-fic meme this weekend...well, actually RIGHT NOW!

This is how it will work:

1. Leave a prompt in the comments and I will write you something.

2. You can only leave prompts until midnight on Saturday (um, my timezone...so, PST)...or until I say there are too many. ETA: PROMPTING NOW CLOSED! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO LEFT PROMPTS!

3. I will write this weekend and, depending on how fast I am, maybe next week and next weekend too.

More Details:

1. I have the right to veto a prompt for the following reasons:

a)It is, or is too close to, the plot of a fic that I already have in the works.

b)It is not in keeping with the usual tone of my LJ (basically, don't ask for porn, because you aren't getting it...yes, I can write it, but I will not write it here...also, no RPS). I will write pairings though, if you want me too....but they will probably all end up being ridiculous cuddling fics, because that's what happens whenever I try to write anything relationshippy.

2. I have the right to give up if I can't come up with anything good for a prompt.

3. You can leave as many prompts as you want, but I might not fulfill them all.



1. Supernatural
2. Harry Potter
3. Sherlock BBC!verse (I have never written Sherlock fic before though...so, um, be prepared for suckage)
5. You can prompt specifically for the Demented'verse if you like too...but you run a higher risk of the prompt being vetoed; however, on the plus side, you also run a higher risk of inspiring me to write something awesome...

Additional note: Harry Potter/Supernatural fics will NOT take place in the Demented'verse unless the requester, or I, specifically say that they do. If you prompt for the Demented'verse and I can't write it into the Demented'verse, then you may end up getting a non-Demented'verse version of your prompt...or you'll just get vetoed. :P


(Watch - now that I've written all that out, no one is going to bother prompting me, and my weekend will be dull. Thankfully, my Sherlock DVDs came in the mail today, so I'm prepared...)
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