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Dean's Purple/Grey Plaid Shirt

Dean's Purple/Grey Plaid Shirt

This shirt is a purple-y grey plaid with slight red accents. The horizontal is emphasised, and the colour blocks are wide. It has dark buttons.


Dean wears it in Jus in Bello (3x12), from the beginning of the episode until they get out of the police station. He takes it off momentarily after he is shot and Nancy is patching him up.

Dean’s had this shirt for a long time! As we see in the flashbacks in After School Special (4x13), Dean wears this shirt when he is a senior in high school.

In Jump The Shark (4x19), Dean is wearing it at the beginning of the episode when they get the call from Adam.

In Dark Side of the Moon (5x16), Dean is wearing this shirt over his “I wuv hugz” t-shirt in the memory from when he was 4 years old.

In Mannequin 3: The Reckoning (6x14), Dean wears this shirt at the very end of the episode when he is fixing the Impala at Bobby’s.

In Meet the New Boss (7x01), Dean wears this shirt (under his coveralls) while he is preparing to paint the Impala while talking to Bobby about whether or not Sam is okay. He keeps it on when they summon Crowley to conspire, and then changes.

In Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie (7x14), Dean wears this shirt at the beginning of the episode as he uses a payphone to talk to Frank.

FATE: Dean was shot through the left shoulder while wearing this shirt in Jus in Bello (3x12). It suffers an entry and an exit wound, as well as the accompanying blood stains.

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Jan. 29th, 2011 02:07 am (UTC)
Holy cow! Dean still fits in a shirt from high school nearly 10 years later?! That's pretty amazing!

And thank you for giving me a smile tonight!

I can't believe how you catch these details--how many times do you watch an episode to catch all of it?
Jan. 29th, 2011 02:25 am (UTC)
It depends how much detail I'm trying to see!

Although I HAVE timelined, taken rewatch notes, and done clothing records all at the same time before - it SEVERELY lessons my enjoyment of the process (and makes me either watch the episode really really slowly, or it makes me more prone to miss things.)

After some trial and error, my process looks like this:

1. Episode airs - watch on TV and enjoy, write quick reaction post.
2. Download episode - timeline.
3. Get DVDs - watch - confirm timeline, take notes for rewatch post, cap all clothes worn by Sam and Dean Winchester from every angle possible. (That sounds like a lot, but you have to understand that basically it can take me 2+ hours to watch one episode when I'm doing this stage.)
4. Go through caps of episodes - this is a painstaking process where I have to go back through my master indexes of clothing and compare the new clothing caps to older caps to determine whether we've seen the shirts before or if they are new.

Occasionally I have to return to episodes for further research. Also, occasionally I'll have done all these steps, and then sit down just to watch and old episode and enjoy it, and I'll spot something I totally missed during the first 3+ viewings (such was the case the other week when I discovered that Dean picked up the leather jacket from John's motel room in the Pilot....I have seen the pilot more times than I can count, but I had never noticed that before.)

Other things happen too - like, originally I wasn't capping YoungDean and YoungSam in After School Special, because I figured the clothes would be different...it was really just a miracle that part way through the episode I recognized this shirt...then I had to go back to the beginning and check the whole thing over again.

Anyway, long story short: I've always had an eye for details - basically, all I have to do is sit down, tell myself what details I want to notice - and I'll notice them.

Haha, aren't you glad you asked?

I'm glad I was able to give you a smile!
(Deleted comment)
Jan. 29th, 2011 07:38 am (UTC)
It's been 10 years for me, and I would still fit into my high school clothes...it helps that I was a little bit chubby in high school. Actually, when I'm at my slimmest, I can still fit into the dress I wore in 8th grade. :P

But yeah, Dean pretty much has stayed the same size since S1...and it helps that Brock Kelly was ~24 when he was playing Dean in High School ;)
(Deleted comment)
Jan. 29th, 2011 09:15 pm (UTC)
Agreed! That's a very good point.
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