September 14th, 2010


Clothes Sharing

I posted the last of the Sam->Dean clothes sharing posts, with Sam's Red and Light Grey Medium Plaid Shirt.

Now the only clothes sharing incidents left to post are when Dean wears Bobby's clothes in S4....and perhaps future incidents in S6?! (one can hope).

I must admit, I am curious how consistent they are with the wardrobe - and the fact that Sam shouldn't have access to any of his old clothes until he is reunited with Dean. They did a good job of it in S4/S5, so we'll see.
Sam strung-out

Not Helping!

I got my S5 DVDs along with the Season 4 Official Companion. In the Official Companion there's this information:

"When I first met Jared, I thought he was a good-looking goofball," [Genevieve] admit, "but once I got to know him more I realized he's one of the smartest people I've ever met. I think that's something others don't necessarily see because he's one of those people that comes across as happy-go-lucky, and he's into sports, but on the flipside he knows so much about everything. I'm constantly amazed, because he can talk to you about anything in the world. Like, if we're talking about a new place to travel, he doesn't just say, 'Italy sounds cool, let's go to Italy,' he'll learn the entire history of the Italian government. He's an incredibly curious person, and he's so hungry to learn. I'm constantly trying to keep up with him."

Dear Genevieve,



Then I watched the long trailer for S6 that was released today...and um...I won't spoil any of it, but let's just say it REALLY didn't help me get over my crush on Jared, that's for damn sure.


Anyway, the good news is that I have my DVDs, so stay tuned for my rewatch posts, and updates to both the timeline and my If Clothes Could Talk series!