July 15th, 2010

Ladles are funny

Another Crack Vid Idea

 One of these days, when I don't have forty projects on the go, I should figure out how to make vids...mind you, I might be the only one that would enjoy my vids...

Case and point - My latest idea: 

A compilation of hospital scenes with Dean unconscious and Sam fretting over him set to Joshua Radin's Girlfriend in a Coma. (Oh, looks like it's a Smith's cover...whatever, either works.)

Seriously, it'd be epic...there's even a line "there were times that I wanted to strangle her", and you know, that'd be the perfect time to put in the scene with Sam strangling Dean...


 How tall is Sam in Britain? 

That is to say: how would someone in the UK measure Jared's height? They wouldn't use feet and inches like we do in North America for height...what do they use instead? Meters? What's the equivalent of 6'4'' in UK-speak? What about 6'1''? or just 6 feet?

Help would be appreciated!