May 13th, 2010


Dirty Mind

I listen to podcasts while I work. Today I'm listening to Mugglecast - the Harry Potter podcast over on Mugglenet.

Now, is it just me, or does this sentence sound extremely dirty:

"Voldemort can't penetrate Privat drive until Harry comes of age"

I laughed out loud, but apparently the podcast people didn't pick up on the possible innuendo in that sentence.
Dean/Books OTP

Explaining Networks and Timeslot Changes

Chris Engler, who is general manager and vice-president over at SyFy, has been doing posts on Boing Boing explaining the logic behind the things TV networds do.

He's had some great ones: How to keep your favorite show on the air, why shows get canceled, etc...

Today's is "Explaining 12 Things TV Networks Do That Seem Crazy"

One is about changing a show's time-slot - which I thought might be relevant to share, since there is a chance that Supernatural may make a move to Friday.

In particular, I thought this may be the reasoning behind moving Supernatural:
5) If a show was doing well in its old slot but the network thinks it can do even better in the new slot, it might get moved to try and make it even more successful.

Because Supernatural DOES do well (for the CW) in it's time-slot, and it is up against really stiff competition. Since he explains later in the post that networks still base ratings on Nielson and not DVR - just think how much better Supernatural's ratings might be if there weren't people out there having to chose between Fringe, Grey's, and Supernatural as to which one gets DVRed.

Anyway, just thought I would share.

Sadly of course, my problem with Supernatural being moved to Friday's is that Friday's is a "going out", there's always that to consider.
Sneaky Castiel

Just when I thought I could resist falling in love with Misha...

...he goes and renews his wedding vows:

Dressed as the bride, with his wife in a suit...

Seriously, why can't I meet a guy like this? Nothing turns me on more than a dude who is this comfortable with his sexuality and has such a great sense of humour.

Sorry I'm spamming you guys today...but I keep running across these things and I can't NOT share. I mean LOOK AT HIM!