April 27th, 2010


Little help? (Henley's vs. Polos vs. Long-sleeved Ts)

Ok, so, I'm trying to organize my If Clothes Could Talk series by type. So far I've been organizing it as follows:

T-Shirts: include polos and long-sleeved T-shirts

Shirts&Hoodies: include Henleys

My question is: Do you think that's right? Or are Henley's like long-sleeved polos without colars and should therefore be compared to long-sleeved T-shirts rather than shirts? Or, should long-sleeved T-shirts be considered shirts and not T-shirts?

Or should I just add another category called Polos, Henley's and Long-sleeved T's?

Dudes, I get so caught up in ridiculous details sometimes.. help me out here, please? If you were trying to track down a Henley, Polo, or Long-sleeved T in my list, under which category would you reflexively look for it?