April 15th, 2010


Debate Clothes With Me

Ok, so not too long ago I posted an adorable picture of S1 Sam:

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What would you call that type of shirt? Do you think it's a long-sleeved T or a sweater?

The thing is, in Skin, Sam wears a T-shirt OVER it. So, I'm thinking it must be a long-sleeved T, because otherwise wearing a t-shirt over it would probably be both ridiculous and uncomfortable.

Anyway, let me know...it's bugging me.

And yes...this gives away the fact that my very-involved-but-fundamentally-pointless secret project has to do with clothes.

In other news:

It looks like Wednesday has won the "What day of the week should I post Demented Sequel fic?" poll. It won by only ONE VOTE, with Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, tying for 2nd, and Sunday coming in 3rd. The poll is still open (I think) for those who didn't vote but are outraged with this result.

That being said...I like Wednesday. I live in Vancouver, so Wednesday for me is most of the world's Thursday. If I was posting on Saturday or Sunday, the schedule would get messed up if I wanted to go away for the weekend...I'd either have to post early or late. Wednesday is a good day because it's right smack mid-week, so I'm more likely to be just hanging out around home.


Quick Reaction: 5x18 Point of No Return

I watched the East Coast feed again this week - it just worked out TV juggling-wise, and ironically it allows me to "watch" along with other Westcoasters over at spn_westcoast at 9pm.

IT'S THE 100th EPISODE!!! (it's long folks!)

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So, "the point of no return" was used in my driving lessons as the point you pass where if the light turns yellow, you don't have time to stop.

Only, my Mum and I shared this huge van that had really shoddy brakes...so, when we saw a yellow light, most of the time we just called out "point of no return!" as a warning to each other that we were running the light because our point of no return was way earlier than everyone else's. I was never sure if it was a joke about our crappy brakes, an excuse to run a light, or announcing that we were aware of the fact that we very well might die this time. :-P
Churchyards Yawn

BTW, I'm awesome

I kind of wish that I'd already posted what I have written for the Demented sequel, because much like last time, I'm totally writing in themes and characters that are coming up in the show now (after the story is set). It's crazy. I've got some weird unconscious mind-meld going with the show or something.

Sadly, no one will notice my amazing psychic gift, because I'm planning to post after S5 ends, so they won't realize that I PREDICTED what themes/characters were important, rather than writing it in after the fact.

So, this is me saying: The first 8 chapters were totally written BEFORE episode 100! Please remember this when I finally get to posting it!