April 8th, 2010


It's Thursday!

I told the episode title for tonight to Susie and she said "but a bitch ain't one?" and I was confused...after she explained, well, I couldn't NOT share:

I think the chorus IS pretty apt.

Dean/Books OTP

Rec: Restored From A Saved Draft by lassiter

This was just posted over at sn_fic  , and I totally thought it was just going to be straight up crack...buttwoskeletons  does an amazing job at writing something that is both hilarious and bittersweet. Also, I completely agree with the position given to Becky in the pantheon.

Restored From A Saved Draft - by twoskeletons 

Author's Summary: "So that's how Becky ends up babysitting a fallen angel with a broken arm. It's probably the weirdest thing that's ever happened to her and, considering recent events, that's saying something."

My summary: Becky and Castiel spend a weekend together, and Becky does her very best to cheer-up a broken angel.

Go check it out...

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