March 17th, 2010

The Boys in BC

Sunshine and Cookies

Vancouver is beautiful today. The sun is out. The mountains are beautiful. It's raining cherry blossoms.

You know what's fun? Giving cookies to strangers! They are so delighted yet confused.

It was my turn to take cookies to the monthly meeting, so I bought two dozen at the bakery. There were plenty left over, so I gave as many as I could away. I had to go to the info-centre to ask about buses to Whistler (I have tickets to the Super-G this Friday) I gave some cookies to the volunteers there. Then there was a homeless guy with a coffee hanging around the Skytrain stop, so I gave him one too after he told me he liked my smile. (I had just done that thing where you go to pass someone walking towards you, just as they go to pass you, and you end up doing that odd little confused dance, so I was still laughing at that.)

Also, I discovered a fellow Supernatural fan at the work meeting! We were really delighted to find each other, since neither of us have any friends in the city that we can squee with, so I gave her my email address. Now of course, I have the debate of "do I tell her I'm on LJ?" She actually went to the convention last summer, but basically confirmed what I've been thinking about conventions and told me that she wouldn't go again. Though, she did say that a lot of the guest-actors have been trained in Improv comedy, so they are that's nice!

What would be really weird is if she is reading this right now without me even having to tell her, because she already read my LJ without knowing that I worked in the same department as her....I doubt it, I think my flist is all international.

Anyway, today has put me in a considerably better mood than I was in yesterday! Yay!
The Boys in BC

Ooo! I was THERE!

So, there are two sneak peak videos for 5x15 up over here.

And in the first clip, they are at the location I found back in December! (Specifically on December 10th, when it was frickin' freezing and we all thought we'd actually have snow for the Winter Olympics.)

I'm excited!

As much as it was fun to find the filming location, I don't foresee making it a regular habit, because I absolutely hate feeling like I'm intruding on something. So, this is probably going to be the only time this happens...who knows though! Maybe if they film in my neighbourhood again...but late night drives in the freezing cold out to New West are another matter altogether and make me feel far too stalkerish for my liking.