November 30th, 2009


Crack Ideas

Random ideas that pop into my head that are ridiculously hilarious to think about:

1. A Supernatural/Corner Gas crossover!
-I don't know if there are any Canadians on my flist...but just to clarify, Corner Gas is a Canadian sitcom that takes place in rural Saskatchewan. It centres around life at the gas station and the diner in the fictional town of Dog River - the main characters are the gas station owner (Bret), the diner owner, the only two cops that the town has, Bret's idiot best friend, Bret's employee, and Bret's parents. It's got a pretty laid-back subtle sense of humour. Anyway...the Winchesters never go to Canada, it's true...but come-on! A show about a gas-station and a diner is just ASKING to be crossed over with least in my head.

A clip of the show for the curious:

2. A Supernatural video to the Beatle's song: Two of Us.'s so upbeat and optimistic and buddy-movie-esque. Yet it has awesome lines like "Two of us burning matches, lifting latches..." It'd be so adorable!

Anyway, I suppose I should go back to my boring job now and stop having fun :-P