November 26th, 2009

The Damned and the Saved

Random Question

Ok, I was cruising google maps the other day, and I came across all these fields that were in circles in the states. I, the crops were in circles. Like pies. I looked up in Canada, and we have them too. It's like someone scattered green coins across the country.

I was just wondering if anyone knew if it was a particular crop that people like to grow in circles, or if some people just liked to have circular fields. Where I grew up, people just grew things in rows...but then, mostly everyone just grows corn there. And in New Brunswick, everybody just grows potatoes.

It might be a pretty stupid question, but I am not a farmer - so I'm honestly just curious.
The Boys in BC

Supernatural Filming Hunt

Collapse )There are SFI signs in the sketchier part of what I consider to be the edge of my neighbourhood. Susie and I walked down there to check it out. It's about a fifteen minute walk or so, maybe twenty.

Sadly, we couldn't find them. We found a bunch of creepy alleyways and a fish processing plant...and some place that makes airline food, but no Supernatural crew. We need someone on the inside of the film industry, because we don't know how far in advanced they would put up the, maybe they are filming tomorrow? I doubt it'd think the businesses would have to run tomorrow and they'd be in the those alleys are really creepy at night, but would just be boring alleys during the day.

I got some cool pictures though on our little walk. We will drive down later (to save our legs) and see if it's some sort of after midnight shoot...but somehow that seems unlikely. Maybe they were filming earlier today and we've missed them completely? But then...wouldn't they take down the signs?


A funny conversation on the way there:

Susie: We should just pretend we don't even know the show...'hey what are you filming? Never heard of it...who's Jeensun Ayckles?'
Me: Haha...Jared Padawhatta?
Susie: How would you even mispronounce his name? JAR-ed Poodle-acky? Hahaha
Me: Hahahaha
Susie: If I ever meet him, I should totally yell that 'OMG It's Jared POODLE-acky!!!' Hahah, you should film it for youtube. It's be hilarious just to see his face.

Collapse )

ETA: Ok, checked back...still nothing going on. Though, we figured there might be a small possibility they were inside somewhere. Still, we'll check back tomorrow to see if the signs are still up.

Susie's final thought on it was:
"Damn it, Jensen, you owe me for this."