October 16th, 2009

On the Fence

This and that...

I'm thinking of changing the look of my LJ - same layout, different colours...maybe a different header. I have a nice one from raloria that I wouldn't mind using. It'd be black/white/grey themed. What do you guys think? Too boring? I could do the links in deep red and...something else...green? Too christmassy, maybe the classic blue, or a deep purple.

I've found a fanfic author that's a dude. I'm now consuming everything the guy writes, because I'm so fascinated that there's actually a guy who writes wincest. I don't even like wincest, yet I'm reading it anyway. I'm such a hypocrit, because one of the things I like about user-names and internety thing is that you don't KNOW what sex people are - not unless they say...and I've always been of the opinion that gender shouldn't matter...yet, obviously it does to me, because I want to read guy's stuff and girl's stories and see if there are differences. I actually debated with myself for a long time about whether I would admit to being a girl on my own journal...preservation of anonymity being one aspect of the debate, the other being that I actually do have a pretty f*cked up gender-identity.

I got into a discussion in the comments to my last Quick Reaction with claudiapriscus about Dean and Superheroes, and now I want to write a whole meta on it - like, go to the library and take out literature books on Superhero architypes and do it all right and proper like it's an essay for school...I also want to write a spin-off series about Bobby and Jesse fighting evil. All these things I don't have time for. My little sister is expecting to read the first chapter of my novel at the end of the month and I haven't even started it.

I'm supposed to be working...I'm a bad worker...I always get progressively worse as the week goes on.