October 9th, 2009

Dean/Books OTP


It occurred to me that if I'm going to do a sequel to my crazy SPN/HP epic at any point, I have to time-line S5 a little. I'm both happy and sad about this. I prefer time-lining off the DVDs, but whatever. I'm just doing it roughly though, I won't be adding it to my overall timeline until I can do it properly with the DVDs.

So far though, yesterday's episode brought us into July 2009 for the boys. I wanted to set the sequel in December...so, whether the sequel gets done or not, all depends on episodes 6-10, I think. I know, I know...there is no reason for me to be this accurate, but damn, I can't help it.

It was a nice day here earlier, but now it's clouded over. Susie and I were thinking of heading up to Squamish tomorrow if the weather is nice. Maybe try to find the Chieftan motel as part of our Supernatural Location Tour. The license plate on my car has expired, but as long as I don't get pulled over no one has to know. I could go on a big rant about the stupidity of trying to get my plate switched and get insurance out here, but I won't ...I will just fantasize about being a Winchester and not having to worry about expired plates (though I wonder what they do about things like that).

Apparently Supernatural has been filming in Stanley Park the past few days. We haven't gone to check it out, because we are both tired and lazy...and Stanley Park isn't the easiest thing to get to from here. We will wait until they are filming somewhere closer.