October 4th, 2009

The Damned and the Saved

What's up peoples?!

I'm bored.

It's my birthday tomorrow. My older sister, who lives in Seattle, came up for a visit in honour of our birthdays. (Her birthday is the day after mine.) So, I've been busy visiting with her all weekend. I thought I would have more to do once I had time to do it, but apparently not.  I had a good visit with my sister though. On Friday we got drunk and talked about how our parents screwed us up. Then on Saturday, We went to Yaletown for some wine and live jazz. No celebrity sightings this time, but we were there at a different time of night than the last time I went.

I've been trying to track down the building they used for Dean Smith's apartment in It's A Terrible Life. I thought I had found it the other day, but the view was wrong. I do know that his Prius was parked in Gastown though. This is what I do when I have time to kill between work meetings downtown.

Anyway...why isn't the internet more interesting?
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