September 27th, 2009


I think I might be done!

I think I finally finished the SPN/HP epic! 32 chapters, and I wrote the last word about ten minutes ago...and it needs a little bit of editing before I can post it, but it's COMPLETE.

I'm in shock.

Originally, it was only supposed to be 8 chapters long...then I bumped it up to 15...then well, then I realized that it wasn't a good enough place to end it, and I knew I had to give a bigger battle - a bigger climax - and now it is 32 chapters. I should do a word count....

Words: 103,112
Pages: 193 (single spaced, thanks)


Why did I never write my novel again? Seriously...I think I might be out of excuses.

Maybe you guys will all hate the end, but I'd just like to thank everyone for sticking with me so makes a huge difference in motivation levels to get weekly positive reinforcement.

I think I'm going to take a mini-vacation from writing fanfic, for at least a couple of months....and if I do write it, I might stick with my beloved one-shots for a while, but man...writing this monster has been really fun, time consuming, but fun. In my break I might get back to my personal writing, just because I haven't touched it since I started this thing, and I used to write non-fanfic-fiction all the time.

But yeah, thanks again everyone! I'll try to be swift on the editing.