September 6th, 2009

Puppy Is Mad

Frustration and Impatience!

Ugh! I want my S4 DVDs! The problem with the place I live is that my mail is delivered to the landlord, who just keeps the stuff for us in the box...but I don't know what happens to the packages. Also, when I ordered it, I got a letter wrong in my postal I'm paranoid.

Another problem: Susie's TV is frickin' DARK, and she doesn't have the remote for it, so there's no way to adjust the picture. (there's no controls on the front of the TV other than power, channels, and volume). Seriously, we watched The Watchmen last night, and it was mostly a guessing game of shadows. (Good movie though!).This doesn't bode well for watching Supernatural this year, and it ALSO doesn't bode well for watching my DVDs, especially since I use the DVDs to do the timeline, and that means having the picture clear enough to read dates off of newspapers.

I could use my computer, but my computer is old and overheats. So, if I'm lucky I can maybe watch one episode without it hanging...if I don't pause of rewind or anything that I would normally do...

And I was going to buy a new computer before Christmas anyway, but a friend of mine tells me that I should wait until January, because everyone is holding their new models for the release of Windows 7. I also can't afford a new computer, but that's besides the point.

Complain complain complain!

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