August 31st, 2009


Busy busy busy

So, as you know, I successfully made it to Vancouver. The past few days have been absolutely filled with trying to get settled - I got a phone, nearly got lost and died of starvation in IKEA, and have spent far too much money. For the first few days I didn't have my room yet, so I was camped out on Susie's floor. Thankfully, I have a room now, but my furniture hasn't been delivered yet.

Let me just say, it's extremely hard to get anything done on the computer when your legs keep cramping up from sitting on the floor all day.

Another problem...the internet connection is much faster here. How is this a problem? Well, back in Ontario, I used to write my HP/SPN fic in five minute spurts while I waited for applications and work-pages to load while I did my job. Now these applications load instantaniously, and not only do I get no respite from my horribly boring job, but I also don't get any of my HP/SPN story written.

So, arg. Don't fret though, things WILL get done. It's just going to be a bit longer than I thought. I get my furniture tonight, and once I have a desk, things should be a little more managible. Also, Susie starts school again soon, so once she's off at class, I won't feel so anti-social by sitting in my room and writing all day.

It was slightly weird this weekend to think of the hundreds of Supernatural fans congregating downtown, meeting the boys and socializing, while I was traipsing through IKEA. I don't regret not going to the con though. Cons just aren't my thing, I don't think. I hope everyone who went had a good time though!