August 21st, 2009

The Boys in BC

Trip Status - Day 4: Winnipeg!

We made it to Winnipeg! Where we had a beer with a friend of mine who just moved here last week. Yay! It was a rainy day, but we made awesome time. The alternative route from Thunder Bay to Kenora was a brilliant move on our part - I was practically the only car on the road!

I don't have that many funny stories for today. We didn't stop many places. I uploaded the Harry Potter audiobook on my iPod and then laughed at Susie as she continually fell asleep while listening to it.

Tomorrow it's Saskatchewan time! Hotels/Motels are much more affordable in this part of the country too.

I was able to watch the S4 Gag reel too! Funny stuff. Not sure I like it as much as some of the other ones, but the elevator stuff is golden.