July 18th, 2009


Where does the time go when it's not around here?

I just looked at a calendar and realized that I basically have a week to finish my SPN/HP crossover epic, if I want to have it done before Travel-Month hits!

Not only that, but I basically have two and a half weeks total of unaccounted for time in which to pack up my entire life (figure out what I'm moving to Vancouver and what goes into storage), digitize most of my CD collection and help my mum paint the house...

Oh man, I''m just not sure it's possible.

(title is a Barenaked Ladies lyric that gets stuck in my head during hectic times :P )
The Damned and the Saved

Me fail english, that's unpossible!

I just learnt how to spell "succumb." All these years, I have evidently never had to put that word to paper/typing-program. I always pronounced it "surcome"...imagine my surprise when there wasn't an R in it at all!

In all fairness, I hardly pronounce my Rs, so my pronunciation was actually THAT far off.

Did I mention that I have a Masters? (And also that many of my professors thought I should go on to do a PhD?)

Yup, you really do learn something new everyday...sometimes even things you thought you already knew.