June 14th, 2009

On the Fence

Supernatural Scrabble

Back in May, while my little sister, Susie, and I were waiting for the season finale of Supernatural to download, we decided to play a game of Supernatural Scrabble! It is a somewhat occasional family tradition to play themed Scrabble games...starting back when I was 13 or so, and my older sister got the great idea to play Christmas Scrabble while we waited for my Dad to show up on Christmas Day.

The Rules of Supernatural Scrabble:
1. Every word has to relate to Supernatural in some way. You have to explain how the word relates to Supernatural when you put it on the board. Creativity is encouraged.
2. The other players must agree that your explanation is good enough. (In our case, I am far too soft-hearted when it comes to Susie, so she got away with some words that she probably shouldn't have been able to get away with.)
3. If you attach your word to the board in such a way as to create two words at once, the second word doesn't necessarily have to be a word. If the second word it isn't a word, or doesn't relate to Supernatural, you will not get points for it.
4. Proper names are allowed, so are SOME abbreviations (other players must agree).
5. You can start the game off by already having a suitably themed word on the board to work off of. (In our case, we chose APOCALYPSE, which, in our excitement, we accidentally spelt wrong).

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Good times were had by all.

(Susie won, but given that she can sometimes be a sore loser, I think we BOTH won. ;-)