June 11th, 2009

The Damned and the Saved

Question Time!

Man, LJ is dead these days...hiatus really affects the amount of goings-on around here...I'm going to have to start branching into other fandoms when I want to kill an hour.

Anyway, so I'm writing this Supernatural fic, but I need some information for it. Not Supernatural-related information, just GENERAL information. Which means....


-What do typical teenagers do to rebel?

I did not have a typical childhood. I honestly do not know what counts as rebellion. So, can anyone help me out? What did YOU do to rebel as a teenager? Drugs? Drinking? Rock&Roll? (Is it honestly like those after school specials?)


ETA: I'm absolutely in love with the bizarre face Sam is making in my moodtheme image! Hahaha...