May 22nd, 2009

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Movie Review: Star Trek

I saw the Star Trek movie!

Man, I can see why mizzykitty has become obsessed with it. It was AWESOME! I kept sitting there thinking "More! I WANT MORE!" and the movie wasn't even over yet - I just wanted more of EVERYTHING. I wanted them to reply scenes from different angles and then have the characters come off the screen and chat with me....Man, you know, I'm not sure when I fell in love with it, but it might have been little James driving a car off a cliff while listening to the Beastie Boys

....or it might have been the fact that Zach Quinto KICKS ASS - and the dude they got to play McCoy = Made of Win. For that matter so was Pegg and my god - Yelchin! Chekhov was my secret favorite character in TOS when I was a kid. He was 22. I have remembered that Chekhov was 22 since before I could even remember my OWN age...and Yelchin did fantastic. He actually was able to marry Koenig's weird "wessel" accent with a more authentic Russian accent. Awesome, just awesome.

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All in all, I believe mizzykitty left me a list of Star Trek fanfiction to read :-P