May 17th, 2009

On the Fence

All alone again

My Little Sister just left, so now it's just me in my big brother's house...well, me and the frogs and crickets.

This means that I will be lonely! Nooo!

But it also means that I once again have hours of time to waste on the internet or writing. This is good news for those of you avidly reading my SPN/HP crossover (or wishing that  I would go back to writing my weird SPN oneshots). I'm hoping to have a chapter of the crossover posted within the next few days (I have it written, but that's ALL I have written, and I like to be at least a chapter a head of the game before I post).

It also means that I have time to read my flist and communities and see what everyone else thought of the season finale. Little Sister and I were quite satisfied (I have to think of a different name for her than Little Sister, it's annoying to type...maybe I should just call her Susie like I do in real life...that's our version of "Sammy" because no one else calls her that but me and sometimes our Mum).

I also get to look at all the pretty icons people are making and see if I can snag a few. I've realised that I need a Bobby icon, a good John icon, and Brotherly-Love icon.

Who wants to bet that by the end of the day I'm bored out of my tree again and desperately wishing Susie would come back?

In somewhat related news: So far the move to Vancouver in the fall is looking good. My current boss seems to think she can get me a transfer out yay!

In completely unrelated news: I have to mow my brother's lawn - I've never mowed a lawn in my life - somehow I doubt I will take as much joy from it as Dean did in WIAWSNB. I also have to weed...and plant vegetables. This should be interesting.
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