April 29th, 2009

The Damned and the Saved

Do I detect a trend?

So today I discovered some Due South vids on YouTube. Man, Due South...I had forgotten about you, I'm sorry.

Due South was the first fandom that I got big into - mind you, I was only ever a lurker, but I still spent most of my teenage years reading Due South fanfiction like it was going out of style (which technically it was, I suppose, given that the show only had 69 episodes).

So, I was watching these Due South vids, because back when I was big into Due South there was no such thing as YouTube. After listening to some of my favorite Canadian folk-tunes as sung by Benten Fraser, something occured to me:

This show is about two dudes who drive around Chicago in a Buick Riveria (or in S3/4 - a GTO).

Do I have a thing for shows about two dudes driving around in a really nice car?!