April 15th, 2009

The Damned and the Saved

Man, I'm boring...

I've run out of things to do. I already wrote another chapter of my HP/SPN epic (though, I think I'm going to edit part of it out, because man, I don't have to go into EVERY detail). I told the readers that the next part would be posted on Thursday, but I almost feel like posting it now just because I have nothing else to do. Except I want to keep my 3-5 chapter buffer, so I won't...sorry.

But yeah...usually around this time of night I've stumbled upon someone else's 10+ chapter epic and I'm all engrossed and end up staying up until 4am - only getting 5 hours of sleep and starting work late the next day and in general doing a half-assed job of living my life...but not tonight! Tonight I'm just sitting around bored. I'm HP/SPNed out.

I need more icons too...I can have 35 now and I only have 17. I need one for when I'm surprised at something...and I need another one that's for approving of something...and I want more funny ones. I have that whole folder of icons on my computer, but a lot of them are variations on the same theme. For instance I have a variety of wee!chester ones, but how many different wee!chester icons does one need? I've got a ton of the boys together, because I like the boys together, but I already have at least three icons of the boys together. I need on of John, but I have no found the perfect one yet.

Such is life. I should probably go exploring in some icon community's archives.

I think my real problem tonight is that I'm exhausted, but like normal, I am avoiding sleep for no other reason than I want to put off working tomorrow.

Like I said, boring.