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January 15th, 2009

Rewatch S3: Ep 15 & 16 + Special Features

And thus we come to the end of my Rewatch S3 series. I'm not gong to Rewatch S4 until it is out on DVD, so that won't happen until next year. But, this means that my Timeline is all done up until the end of S3, so I'll post that soon.

This was fun though, I enjoyed it...and I've timed it really well, considering 4x11 airs tonight. :-)

Time Is On My Side and No Rest For The Wicked + Special FeaturesCollapse )


Quick Reaction: 4x11 Family Remains

I think the theme for this season is "Let's end each episode with the boys next to the car having the most depressing conversation EVER."

Ouch Dean, Ouch.

Sadly, this was the last episode that I'm going to see until March, when I have my Supernatural catch-up-marathon with my sister in Vancouver.