January 10th, 2009

Then and Now

Rewatch S3: Ep 07 & 08

Icon appropriate! Yay! Oh boys...

So, got an email from work informing me that I'm being placed on a different project and I have to go in for orientation/training on Monday. This means that I might actually get some hours before I leave on my trip, which will be nice for my wallet. It also means that I MIGHT not have all day to watch Supernatural...we'll see. Funny how they reassign me a week and a half before I leave the country for 6 weeks...nice timing, dudes.

Anyway, you guys did not come here to hear about how silly the Canadian gov't is! Did you?

Tonight we get Fresh Blood and A Very Supernatural Christmas - which melts my hard heart, I love the wee!chesters.

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And there we have it. Until next time....