January 5th, 2009

The Boys in BC

Rewatch S2: Ep 15 & 16

I realized today while reading episode descriptions on my DVD case, that I've been spelling Hendricksen's name wrong. My apologies - I didn't know he was Danish.

Tonight I watched Tall Tales and Roadkill. I didn't actually have that much to say about them! I have a nice even number of episodes left, so I'm thinking I'll keep with the two episodes per post pattern. Though, when when I get to the final disc there are numerous commentaries, so I might want to split those up...we'll see.


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Moodtheme animation is episode specific! (Plus, I actually am hungry)

I also just noticed that there's a tiny "CityTV" logo in the bottom of my moodtheme animation...yay Canadian TV channels.

Don't Litter

Rewatch S2: Ep 17 & 18

I accidentally skipped over Hollywood Babylon and watched Folsom Prison Blues (Ep19)...so I actually have three episodes typed up, but I like just posting two episodes at a time, so I'll wait until I was Ep 20, before I post Ep 19.

All I did today was watch Supernatural. No hours at work...and I just realized that I forgot to tell them that I'm going away for 6 weeks...hahaha...oops.

Anyway...TIME FOR TEARS (and fun!):

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Until next time, which may very well be sooner rather than later...