January 3rd, 2009



Do you ever get into moods when you really just don't want to sleep? I really just don't want to sleep. I have to get up at 9am tomorrow and drive for an hour, then maybe I can have a nap...still, I should go to bed. This happens to me occasionally, and by 'occasionally', I mean 'all the time'. My insomnia is purely psychological. I just don't feel like sleeping. Like I don't want it to be tomorrow or something, and I think that I can hold it off by staying out of bed....

I think I might watch another episode of Supernatural....would you think less of me? I'm already on disc 4 of season 2 and I've not even had the DVDs for a month! What am I going to do when I've rewatched it all?! What then?!

Mind you, my Epic-Trip of Awesomeness is coming up...so that will give me something non-Supernatural to do for six weeks. I wonder if I will go through withdrawal. I wonder if I will force my friend in China to download the seasons he hasn't seen, and I will watch it all for a third time..and soon I will be able to repeat back episodes and my family will begin to question my mental health (more than they do already)...

Maybe I should just go to sleep.