January 2nd, 2009

Sam smiling

Obligatory New Years Post

I know this is a day or so late, but I was out living it up!

2008 really sucked for me. My job didn't work (isn't working) out and I barely have enough money to live....I'm stuck living at home because I can't afford an apartment, and quite frankly, at 27 years old, that's rather pathetic.

Let's not focus on the negative though! That's no way to live life. Here are the AWESOME things that happened in 2008:

1) My little sister (the Sammy to my Dean) came home for the WHOLE summer. It was awesome. I love her so much.

2)My little sister came home for the whole summer and one of our first conversations was:

Little Sister: "Have you ever seen the show Supernatural?"
Me: "No"
LIttle Sister: "You should totally watch it. I think you'll really like it."
Me: "What's it about?"
Little Sister: "These two brothers kill ghosts and demons and stuff..."
Me: *makes a skeptical noise*
Little Sister: "Seriously, download it. You'll see."
Me: "Alright, I suppose it won't hurt to give it a quick look..."

3)Despite not having a good job, I was able to save enough money for my upcoming trip to China/Singapore/Vancouver...at least I HOPE it's enough money. I guess I'll find out in 20 days when I leave.

4)I started writing SPN fanfiction, which has been a surprisingly rewarding experience. Makes me feel all accomplished.

Things I want to happen in 2009:

1)More writing! I've decided that I like it.

2)Better job

3)Enough money left over from my trip to allow me to pop over to Germany to see a Lovely friend of mine that I haven't seen for nearly 3 years.

4)A partner in the romance department would be nice...but I won't hold my breath on that one (if I did, I'd have died before I was 21).

5) New Laptop

I guess that's it! Today I'm going to watch a couple more episodes of Supernatural for my Rewatch series.

I hope everyone had a great New Years!


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