December 23rd, 2008

The Boys in BC

Rewatch S2: Ep 02 & 03

S2 is a very slow build. I remember that about it now. Everybody Loves a Clown and Bloodlust have sort of secondary plot-lines, mainly because the main plot-line is the boys being horribly broken...that being said, Bloodlust does introduce the theme of the season, or the theme of the next three seasons, which is "everything is a shade of gray." I think that's why I like this show so much...I mean, yeah, for the most part the monsters the boy's kill are evil, no question, but I like that everything in their personal lives is a shade of gray - who they can trust, if their Dad was a good father, if they themselves are good people....

So, let's discuss some episodes:

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Now, I have to quickly finish making two scarves before Christmas Day...and tomorrow I'm going to my Dad's for dinner (save me please), so yeah...might watch two more episodes later tonight, might not, we'll just see.