December 11th, 2008

The Damned and the Saved

Is it January yet?

Not much is going on. I'm a little bored. Work has dropped off again, which means I'll be screwed for money in the coming months.

I started writing my little SPN/HP crossover yesterday, just because it was the only idea I had, and I figured maybe if I get it out, I'll think of other things. It is frickin' long though. I've written for about six hours already and it's still not done. It's a good thing I don't have a job this week.

It's utterly pointless too. There is absolutely no point to it whatsoever. It goes nowhere and nothing much happens, and I don't even know why I'm writing it. But now that I've written for six hours, I may as well finish it.

I've noticed things about my writing though. I have a tendency to abuse commas, and the structure " blah blah blah, and blah blah blah". See, I did it in that sentence before even getting to the example. It's like a combination of abusing the comma and also abusing conjunctions.

I read a good story tonight... I'll link to it, since I'm bringing it up and all: The Coven by paxlux . It's in two parts, but I think the first part stands on it's own and is AWESOME. The second part is just humorous gravy. It's an example of someone writing effectively, but also very SIMPLY. This is a talent that I don't have, but want. I could blame the years of academia, but that might just be scapegoat.

I'm really looking forward to January. Not only does Supernatural start up again, but I also get to flee the country. I'll only actually get to see one episode of Supernatural and then I'm off on a six-week trip to China, the South-Pacific, and Vancouver. The sad part is that livejournal is verboten in China, so I will be MIA on LJ for practically my whole trip - no fanfiction, no constantly commenting on mizzykitty's livejournal until she is sick of me, no discussion of new'll be tough, but I'm sure the travel will more than make up for it.

I'm not even sure if I'll be able to see the new episodes until I get back to Canada. I've turned my friend in China on to Supernatural, but he has to start at season 1, and I don't know if he'll be uptodate by the time I get there. In case he isn't though, my sister in Vancouver is on standby to have all the episodes I miss downloaded and waiting for me for when I arrive there. Also, I found a message board that keeps track of filming locations in although the studio the boys film at is a closed-doors place, if they do any location shoots (which you know they practically always do), I may be able to get a heads up and go hang around the security barrier. Who knows! I don't really care about meeting the boys or anything, (though it'd be cool), I just think it'd be neat to see a shoot. It's something I've never done before.

In other news, I got my S3 in the mail today from Amazon, but still haven't gotten S1&2 from my sister yet. I  wanted to rewatch in order, so for now I've just got S3 sitting there as a horrible tease while I  wait.


P.S. The funny thing about my moodtheme's animation for "bored" is that Sam and Dean actually look like they are doing my job. Ah, the glamorous life of a researcher.

Rewatch S1 DVDs: The Pilot

Speak of the devil! UPS showed up with my DVDs this morning, so this afternoon I was able to dive right in and rewatch the pilot. Now, I must admit, I've seen parts of the pilot several times now, because I watched a few scenes on Youtube while I was writing my last story. The cool thing about the DVD though is that they have deleted scenes and commentary! Yay!

It's really odd to see the boys looking so young. Well, mostly Jared. He's all skinny and lanky, not at all like now - when I like to refer to him as COLOSSUS. (Any guesses as to my favorite X-Man?). Jensen, I figured always looked the same - I was wrong though, mostly I can hear it in his voice...and of course he had a slightly spikier hair-cut then, which I must admit I sometimes miss.

Deleted Scenes Coolness:

One of the deleted scenes from the Pilot is Dean, after he drives away from Sam's place at the end. It adds a further clue for my "Why did Dean go back to Sam's" mystery. In the deleted scene, he's driving away, looks down at his watch, you see the that the time is 2:50am...and then Dean turns the car around and heads back to Sam's. So, now my question is "What is so special about ten to three in the morning that caused Dean to turn that car around?"

Things I Love:

I love it in the Pilot how Dean and Sam have absolutely no sense of time. I mean, Dean shows up in the middle of the night for Sam - fine, that's Dean for you. But then Sam agrees to go and they just leave RIGHT AWAY! Haha...I mean, it makes sense since Sam is on a schedule, but I just love the fact that there's no mention of it. There's just an acceptance. And then when Dean drops him off again, it's almost 3am. Again, makes sense, because if Dean keeps driving he can be in Colorado by morning (or so he says). I just think that it really sets up the character of the show well, without directly pointing and saying "WHEN IT GETS DARK, THE WINCHESTERS GET TO WORK!" It just happens that way. You actually don't see any of the Winchesters in the day until Sam and Dean are at that gas station and Sam is criticizing Dean's cassette-tapes.

Another thing I absolutely love: The fight scene between Sam and Dean in Sam's apartment. Although I rarely enjoy Wincest, there's just something about that move Sam uses to flip Dean at the end (after he recognizes him) that gets me everytime. Maybe I just like watching cute boys wrestle...but damn, that move is pretty frickin' sweet.

Commentary Tidbits:

Kripke said that he played with the idea of Sam coming back to his apartment and finding his Dad dead on the ceiling, and Jess lived but turned evil or something. Man, Kripke has some bad ideas before he has the good ones! That would have sucked. I can't imagine missing out on the glory that is John Winchester as played by JDM.

The conversation between Sam and Dean when Dean first shows up, where Sam is complaining about their childhood and explaining to Dean why he wanted to leave, was actually originally longer and went into more depth about what exactly their childhoods were like. Now, I think in terms of the show, it's a lot better that they shortened it....because it's already sort of an awkward unrealistic conversation that you can tell is solely there to inform the audience...but man, I'm such a wee!chester junkie, it would have been pretty sweet to be able to hear the extended version - but alas, not included in the deleted scenes.

So, there you go. My thoughts on the rewatch (and rewatch with commentary) on the Pilot. Good times were had by all (I'm assuming the dog enjoyed it as much as I did). It didn't inspire any fic ideas, but then, I've already written one Pilot centered fic.


*Special Note to My Lovely, just in case: Don't read these! Watch the show! I don't want to spoil it for you more than I already have! Sheesh...*