May 18th, 2003

Dean/Books OTP

Timeline: S8 - S9


NOTE: In S8 there is another one year time jump. Much like S6, the Supernatural team has not actually skipped a year chronologically, even though they’ve skipped a year in the narrative. So, if you want the dates to be in chronological time, you will have to add 2 years to all dates listed. Any date marked with two asterisks ** need only have 1 year added. (See note before S6-S7 timeline for more details)

Summer-Fall 2012** – Sam accidentally hits a dog with the Impala in Kermit, Texas. He meets veterinarian Amelia Richardson, who forces him to adopt the dog and happens to be living at the same hotel as him. When they meet, Amelia has been in Kermit for 3 months and it has been 8 months since her husband died. It has been “a few months” since Sam lost Dean. (We Need to Talk About Kevin, Blood Brother, Southern Comfort)

~August, 2012** - Kevin leaves Sam an angry drunk voicemail. (We Need to Talk About Kevin)

~November 2012** - Kevin assumes Sam is dead and stops trying to reach him. (We Need to Talk About Kevin).

May 2, 2012 - Amelia surprises Sam with a birthday picnic! (Heartache)

Summer-Fall 2012 - Amelia and Sam move into a bungalow together in Kermit, Texas. Sam does most of the moving himself. He is still working as a handyman at the motel. Amelia’s father comes to visit and disapproves of Sam. Amelia gets a phone call telling her that her husband is not actually dead. (Hunteri Heroici)
- Sam and Amelia had just moved into their new house when Amelia got the call about Don. We do not know how long the span of time was between the phone-call and Don showing up in town.

Fall 2012 - Sam decides that Amelia should be with her formerly-MIA husband and bows out of the relationship – leaving her the dog. (Citizen Fang)

Fall 2012 – Dean and Sam reunite after (a little more than) a year apart, and decide that We Need To Talk About Kevin. Dean first arrives in Maine. He hitchhikes for 4 days to get to Clayton, Louisiana, and then hitchhikes an unknown number of days to get to Whitefish, Montana. Sam, meanwhile, leaves Kermit, Texas, and makes his way to Whitefish, Montana. Once reunited, Dean and Sam spend at least 5 days together as they locate Kevin in Centreville, Michigan.
- University is in session, which means that this episode has to occur during a major semester/term (ie: not summer term).

Fall 2012 – The Winchesters and Kevin ask ‘What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?’ when they travel back to Neighbor, MI, to check on Kevin’s mom. The crew then travel to Laramie, Wyoming, in the hopes of finding the tablet, only to be sucked into the world of deity auctions. This episode takes place over at least 4 days to accommodate driving times (It’s a day’s travel to Neighbor, MI, and then after they get Kevin’s mother it’s 18 hours to Laramie, WY).
-This episode most likely starts the morning after the events of We Need To Talk About Kevin.

Fall 2012 – Sam and Dean travel between Minneapolis, MN, Ames, IA, and Boulder, CO, when they find a series of victims suffering from severe Heartache when they’re hearts are literally ripped from their chests, thus killing them. We spend approx. 6 days with the Winchesters, assuming one day to get to Minneapolis from their original unknown location. The Winchesters spend 1 day in Minneapolis, 1 day in Ames, and 3 days in Boulder.

Fall 2012 – Sam and Dean hunt college students in Ann-Arbor, Michigan, who have been Bitten. Although we spend a much longer time with the college students, Sam and Dean are only in town for 6 days. The episode takes place in an unnamed town that is most likely Ann Arbor, MI.
- The coroner van says Washtenaw County, the major city and site of the major universities and colleges in that county are in Ann-Arbor.

~November 25, 2012 – November 26, 2012 – Dean travels from Enid, Oregon, to Eagle Harbor (Bainbridge Island), Washington, in order to help his Blood Brother, Benny. Sam follows a day later. The episode itself only covers just ~24 hour period.
- There isn’t actually an Enid, Oregon, although there is an Enid Road in Eugene, Oregon – a five hour drive from Bainbridge Island.
- There’s a location continuity mistake both in this episode and the next one, with references to Dean and Benny are on Prentiss Island (East Coast) rather than Bainbridge Island (West Coast).
- The phone call between Sam and Dean occurs at 4:23am (the phone might say PM and reflect filming times, but let’s just say it’s AM, because that fits.)
- See Southern Comfort notes for explanation of dates.

~November 27, 2012 – November 30, 2012 – Sam and Dean travel to Kearny, Missouri, for some Southern Comfort where they end up hunting a spectre with Garth. This episode covers four days, two of which take place during the hunt (see notes.)
- This episode follows either immediately after Blood Brother or a day later, it is unclear which, but we know that Dean hasn’t said a word to Sam in however long it’s been, so my guess would be that the opening scene takes place the morning after...mainly because I don’t see how Dean could go a whole day without saying a word to Sam, but a couple of hours are believable.
- Sam says “Prentiss Island” at the beginning of the episode instead of Bainbridge Island, where the last episode actually took place. I think this is a writing mistake, because Dean knows Sam is talking about Benny – and I highly doubt that Sam and Dean took the two days necessary to drive from the West Coast to the East Coast, do something on Prentiss Island, and THEN have a conversation about what happened with Benny.
- It takes 30 hours to drive from Bainbridge Island to Kearney Missouri, hence the four day count for this episode, even though we only see 3 of the 4 days. (You’ll just have to suspend your disbelief that a crime that took place in Missouri is being talked about on a police scanner at least a day’s drive away.)
- On the first day of the hunt, Garth says the tomb of the unknown soldier was disturbed “3 days ago” and the police report he is looking at gives the date of the crime as “11/26 2012.” So we know the hunt takes place on November 29-30, 2012.

~December 2, 2012 – ~December 5, 2012 – Sam and Dean travel from Rufus’ cabin near Whitefish, MT, to Salina, KS, to investigate a missing person, along the way, they find their own missing person. Meanwhile, Crowley takes A Little Slice of Kevin when the Trans slip up and get caught. Thankfully, it’s Team Free Will to the rescue when they travel to an unknown location to save the day. This episode takes place over 3 or 4 days, depending on how fast Dean drives. Cas returns on the second day in Salina, Kansas.
- The missing persons report for Andrew Webber says that he went missing on November 22, 2012. This places his abduction 10 days before Sam reads about it – which might sound like a bit of a delay, but it’s either that or we ignore the dates that Southern Comfort gives us. I prefer just to place this episode as close as possible to the previous one and assume that the kid really has been missing for that long.

Early December, 2012 – Sam, Dean, and Cas, travel to Oklahoma City, in order to play Hunteri Heroici and solve a string of bizarre cartoonish cases. The episode takes place over approximately 4 days.
-This episode most likely picks up almost immediately after the previous one. As the episode opens, Sam is on the phone with the Trans confirming that they got to Garth’s safe houseboat and are doing well, also, Dean asks Cas what he is going to do now that he’s back from Purgatory. If there was a large gap between episodes, that conversation would have already happened.

Early-Mid January 2013 – Sam and Dean travel to Carencro, Louisiana, when they get a report that Citizen Fang, otherwise known as Benny, might be killing people. We spend 3 days in this episode, spilling over into the AM hours of a 4th. On the 3rd day of the episode, Sam travels from Carencro, LA, to Kermit, TX – in remarkable time, I must say.
- I’ve placed this episode in Early January because the next two episodes follow on the events and fall-out from this episode in such a way that leads me to believe that not much time passes between the episodes.
- Martin has been out of the mental institution for a month, but Sam only told him to track Benny “about a week ago.”
- When Dean asks for “a couple of hours, tops” he inexplicably actually takes a full day – It’s daylight when Dean leaves a message on Benny’s phone, but it’s night when Benny gets the notification and ignores it, and then it’s day again when Dean finds Benny’s fishing spot.
- On the way to Kermit, TX, Sam tries to call Amelia at 9:16pm, this is shown in the chronology of the show to be after Dean and Benny have successfully killed Desmond. I’m guessing the gumbo shack probably closed at 10pm, Martin attacked Elizabeth, Benny was there by 11pm, and Dean was probably there by 1am at the earliest after Elizabeth called him to deal with the aftermath. When Sam figures out who tricked him and calls Dean from the bar in Kermit, it is 2:24am, and Dean is back on the road.

Early-Mid January 2013 (only a couple of hours after previous episode) – Sam, Dean, and Cas, find themselves and their relationships are as Torn and Frayed as poor Samandriel who must be rescued from Crowley’s clutches. This episode follows at least 4 days for Dean, and weirdly, 3 days for Sam, because the writers didn’t factor in driving times. Dean travels from Kermit, TX, to Whitefish, MT, to Hastings, NE, with an angel stop over at Garth’s safe houseboat. Sam only travels by angel, so driving times aren’t a factor.
- Dean shows up in what can only be the early morning of the same day that the last episode ended on, having made the drive from Carencro, LA, to Kermit, TX in just as remarkable a time as Sam did. The boys follow different timelines after the first day.
- Dean drives to Montana, which should take him 25 hours, making Cas appear on his second day. The drive from Whitefish, Montana, to Hastings, NE, takes 18 hours, which means that Dean and Cas most likely did all their Nebraska investigating on the third day, with the rescue of Samandriel occurring the evening of the third day. Dean then drives back to Rufus’ cabin in Montana, arriving on the fourth day. One way we could resolve this time continuity problem is if we assume that Cas has the power to transport both Dean AND the Impala to Hastings, NE. In which case, the investigation would happen on the second day, not the third, and Dean and Sam’s timelines would match up.
-When Amelia shows up after Dean leaves Sam’s hotel room, she apologizes for taking off “last night” confirming that it’s only been a few hours since the previous episode. Amelia and Sam then sleep together, but afterward decide that they’ll either meet up in two days time at 7:30pm or they’ll never see each other again. On Sam’s second day in Kermit, TX, Cas shows up and takes him to Nebraska. On the third day, and therefore the day that he and Amelia are supposed to meet at the motel at 7:30, Sam is at Rufus’ cabin in Whitefish, Montana, which is, I should point out an approx. 25 hour drive from Kermit, TX, so even if he did decide to meet Amelia, he’d actually never make it in time unless he flew.

Thursday, January 24 – Saturday, January 26 or Sunday, January 27, 2013 – Sam and Dean find LARP and the Real Girl when they investigate a strange death in Farmington Hills, MI. We spend 3 days with the Winchesters once they hear about the case (2 days if you are setting this in 2015, see NOTE)
-The first victim is killed after he goes to bed the night of January 23, according to his phone. Assuming one day for the body to be discovered, it would be evening the next day that Sam and Dean hear about the case. They investigate on the 25, and then either attend Moondoor on the Friday (25) or the Saturday (26) it takes them only one day in Moondoor to solve the case, but they stay a second day to have fun, this second day is either the Saturday (26) or the Sunday (27) depending if they first went to Moondoor on the 25th or 26th. (We’re constantly told that the Battle of the Kingdoms is “this weekend” but we aren’t told whether the actual battle – the final scene of the episode - takes place on Saturday or Sunday.)
-NOTE: If you are adding the two missing years, this episode takes place from Saturday January 24- Sunday January 25, 2015. The body is discovered immediately and the Winchesters are driving before sunrise on the 24th when Garth calls them with the case. They arrive immediately and investigate as FBI agents in the morning and then head to Moondoor in the afternoon and solve the case that evening.

~End of January 2013 – Sam and Dean are surprised when their grandfather, Henry Winchester, falls out of their motel-room closet. Over the course of 2 days, they learn what changes and what doesn’t As Time Goes By. The boys are 4 hours away from Normal, IL, when Henry arrives. They then drive to Normal and spend the rest of the day there. On the morning of the second day, Sam drives to Lebanon, Kansas.
- The driving time doesn’t quite work out in this episode. Sam miraculously drives 9 hours, and has time to get kidnapped by a demon, in the span of time it takes Dean to find Henry (who is on foot) at a local shop.
- Dean’s license plate sticker expires on March 31, 2013.
-In order for Trial and Error to happen when it does, this episode has to immediately follow LARP and the Real Girl.

~ End of January – February 12, 2013 – Some things change over time, but some remain the same, such as the fact that Everybody Hates Hitler. Sam and Dean battle Nazi Necromancers with the help of a non-practicing Jew and a golem over the course of two days after a two week break. The episode takes place over a period of approximately 20 days (SEE SPECIAL NOTE). The boys travel from Lebanon, KS, to a university somewhere in the Eastern US, and then back to Lebanon, KS.
-The boys start the episode by finding the M.L. headquarters, so we can assume that they probably drove there the day after they buried their grandfather.
-They spend at least one night in the “batcave” together. Sam remains for two weeks, but Dean takes time to travel to Garth’s and check in with Kevin. (Day count 15) SPECIAL NOTE: In order for the timeline to function correctly for Trial and Error, the “two weeks” spent in this episode can’t actually be two weeks. At most, the two weeks can only actually be 10 days.
-Assume one day to travel to the Hunt. They then spend 2 days on the actual hunt, and then one day to travel back to Kansas, where they have their final scene of the episode on a fifth day. (Day count 20)

~February 13 – February 15, 2013 – The boys go through some Trial and Error while they attempt to find a hell hound in order to complete the first step in closing the gates of Hell forever. The episode takes place over 3 days, with the boys traveling from the Bunker in Lebanon, KS, to Garth’s boat in Warsaw, Missouri on the first day, and then to Shoshone, Idaho, on the second day (which is possibly Valentine’s day.)
- If you are setting this episode in 2015, as it should be, then you’ll have to remember that the Cassitys would have made their deals in 2005 not 2003, as stated in the show.
- The dates come from the fact that the Cassitys struck oil in “February ‘03” according to the article Sam found. Also. Alice inexplicably fell in love with Carl at a Valentine’s Day Dance (which we’ll assume was held on Valentine’s Day).

- The timing doesn’t actually work out that well for this episode and the last two episodes. In order for this episode to take place around Valentine’s day, then you either have to reduce the number of days in the Everybody Hates Hitler, or you have to assume that the “Valentine’s Day Dance” that Carl and Alice met at was after Valentine’s Day. The third option is to have Crowley collecting a few days late on the deals, but that seems unlikely.

~February 16 – ~February 18, 2013 – Sam and Dean meet Portia, Man’s Best Friend with Benefits, when they travel to St. Louis, MO, in order to help an old friend. The episode takes place over 3 days.
- Dean tells us that Sam “just” killed the hell hound, so we know that this episode quickly follows the previous episode. It takes 21 hours to drive from Shoshone, Idaho, to St. Louis, MO.
- Dean and Sam supposedly met James Frampton when he saved their lives, while they were hunting a “lunatic alchemist.” After they met James, James went from rookie detective to lieutenant in 8 months and has a 100% solve rate for the “past four years.” We can guess then that Sam and Dean met him at least 4 years ago. If we use chronological time, four years ago would have been 2010/2011, during most of which the Winchesters weren’t hunting together (Dean was at Lisa’s, Sam was soulless). Therefore, using chronological time, it is more likely that Sam and Dean had their original adventure with James five years ago, sometime during S5. If we use the “soup-opera time” of the show, then four years ago would have been 2008/2009, sometime during S4, more likely in the later part of the season, or perhaps between episodes 4x10 and 4x11 when we know that Sam and Dean were hunting nearly non-stop, although we did not see those hunts.

Early March, 2013 – We’re all asked to Remember the Titans, when Sam and Dean find an amnesiac Prometheus wandering the backwoods of Montana. The episode takes place over approx. 4 days, with Sam and Dean traveling from the Bunker in Lebanon, KS, to Great Falls, MT, to Livingston, MT, and then back to the Bunker. It’s a 15 hours trip between the Bunker and Montana.
- Dean says that they haven’t heard from Kevin in 3 weeks. The last time we saw Kevin was the episode Trial and Error, placing this episode during the first week of March at the earliest.

Unknown, 2013 – Sam and Dean leave the Bunker (in Lebanon, KS) to go to the fictional town of Lincoln Springs, MO, in order to investigate a series of strange deaths. Once there, they are reunited with Castiel and Meg, who are both involved in a hunt for the angel tablet. By the end of the episode they may still be saying Goodbye Stranger to at least one person. The episode appears to take place during one complete day.
- The Winchesters are only Lincoln Springs to investigate the last death in a series. The other deaths (Castiel’s) doing have been scattered all over the Midwest and have been occurring for at least a week. Cas’ timeline puts him in Benton, Indiana; Downers Grove, Illinois; and Novi, Michigan; before reaching Lincoln Springs, Missouri.

Unknown, 2013 (possibly immediately after previous episode) – Sam and Dean spend 3 days in Conway Springs, KS, where they discover Krissy Chambers hunting vampires with some local Freaks and Geeks.
- Sam says “Cas dinged you up pretty good back there,” which to me indicates that they’ve driven straight to Conway Springs, KS, from Lincoln Springs, MO.
- Based on the clocks in the house - on the second day, the teenagers are called out of school at 11:30am in order to go hunt the vampire that Victor claims killed Lee Chambers. They return to house at around 7:20pm to find Sam tied up, having only woken up from unconsciousness shortly before... meaning that Sam was knocked out for approx. 7 hours. Dean and Sam leave the next day at around 8:40am.
- Sam and Dean met Victor “years ago” in Spokane, WA, on a rugaru hunt. However, Sam and Dean did not know about rugarus until after 4x04, which means that they met Victor sometime after 2009.

- Josephine’s family was killed 3 months before this episode, and when Krissy’s father was killed Josephine and Aidan helped her in her grief – meaning that Krissy’s father was either also killed 3 months before this episode, or was killed less than 3 months before this episode.

Unknown, 2013 – In order to complete the second trial, Sam and Dean employ a Taxi Driver to take Sam to Hell. We spend at least 5 days in this episode, 2 of which are spent driving between Missouri and Maine.
-In total, both boys travel from Garth’s boat in Warsaw, MO, to Kansas City, MO, on the first day. Dean then spends a day traveling between Garth’s boat and the city. On the third day, Benny meets him in Kansas. Dean then has a ~25 hour drive to Maine, finding Sam, at earliest, the evening of the fourth day. The boys then drive back to Warsaw, MO, in another 25-hour drive, arriving in the evening of the fifth day.
-Sam and Bobby spend an unplanned ~48 hours in Purgatory at the least, a few of those (somewhere around 12, I’d wager) are spent before Benny shows up... this is all based on the assumption that it took less than a day for Benny to drive to meet Dean in Missouri.
-Ajay, the rogue reaper, is killed only 7 hours after taking Sam to purgatory, and “17 hours” before he has to go pick him up. If we use the chronology of scenes, then it appears it took Sam approx. 7 hours to find the door into Hell from Purgatory, probably 10 hours to find Bobby in Hell and escape back to Purgatory, and then 7 hours to walk back to the spot where they were supposed to meet Ajay again.
-The taxi’s plates are Missouri plates, but the fact that they are in Kansas City is information given over twitter by Ryan Curtis, of the VFX department (

Unknown, 2013 – Charlie ends up with Pac-Man Fever when she helps the boys on a Djinn hunt in Topeka, KS. The episode takes place over 3 weekdays, but only 36-48 hours, with the hunt only taking 24 hours from the arrival of Charlie’s email to rescuing Charlie from the Djinn-dream.
- The autopsy report that Charlie found “yesterday” is dated March 3rd, 2013. I’m not using that date though, because it’s A) impossible to fit into the previously established timeline, and B) the production date of the episode.
- At one point, Sam says that the coroner has a two-bedroom house “ten minutes from here”, while he is in the bunker. Unless she has a house 3 hours from where she works, that seems unlikely. Or, perhaps the Winchesters can drive 3 hours in 10 minutes. That would explain a lot.

- Charlie’s nightmare is a video game set on July 12, 1951

Early May (see Sacrifice notes)) – There are many people in this episode who could be The Great Escapist, as we follow Sam and Dean from their home in Lebanon, KS, to Route 34 in Colorado, as they attempt to find Metatron. Meanwhile, Cas tries to escape Naomi, and Kevin tries to escape from Crowley’s clutches. This episode takes place over at least 2 days.
- In Pac-Man Fever we saw Sam’s email inbox and a Mythology Weekly e-newsletter. This episode we also see the inbox and a different issue of the Mythology Weekly e-newsletter. This issue’s subject states that “this month” they will be looking at Inca mythology – to me this indicates that it’s the start of a new month, in which all issues of Mythology Weekly will be about the Incas.

Unknown, 2013 (possibly the day after the previous episode) – Sam and Dean view a Clip Show of exorcisms in order to prepare for the third trial. Meanwhile, Cas recovers from his injuries and then meets Metatron. Sam and Dean travel from The Bunker in Lebanon, KS, to St. Louis, MO, then back to the Bunker, then to Prosperity, IN, then to Indianapolis, IN, and then back to the Bunker. All of this travel seems to take place during the course of one full day (even though this is impossible in terms of driving times). If you factor in driving times, then the episode takes place over 3 days (see notes).
- It’s a 7 hour drive between the Bunker and St. Louis, MO, which adds 14 hours for Cas to go get pie and meet up with Metatron before Dean and Sam return to find him missing. Sam and Dean then review the tapes they found and reassemble Abaddon – in the daytime – which would put them on a second day. Indeed, Crowley’s call comes in at 11:33am (the date on the phone is 11/14/12 which doesn’t make any sense so I’ve disregarded it.)
- It’s an 11 hour drive between the Bunker and Indianapolis, IN., assuming that Prosperity, IN is on the way.
- By the time Sam explains what’s happening to Sarah, its 11:44pm, Sarah is attacked by Crowley at midnight. Sam and Dean then have to drive the 11 hours to return to the Bunker, which, if they left immediately, would have them return home in the early afternoon of the third day.
- The filmed purification-exorcism that the boys find on film in the Men of Letters bunker was filmed on March 8, 1957, in St. Louis, MO.

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 (see notes) – While Sam begins the final trial, Cas enlists Dean to help him when Naomi abducts Metatron. Along the way, Dean learns that closing the gates of Hell may require one Sacrifice too many. Not including the teaser between Crowley and Sheriff Mills, this episode takes place during the course of one day.
- The amazing transportation powers of the Impala strike again, as the boys are able to drive great distances in seemingly no time at all. The boys drive from the Bunker to somewhere near Garth’s boat in Warsaw, MO, and then to Bobby’s old salvage yard in Sioux Falls, SD – where they meet Crowley. They then drive to an undisclosed location to make use of an abandoned church. Usually, this would take more than a day’s driving, but Kevin confirms when Dean arrives later that he just saw Dean that morning when he dug up the demon tablet for them.
- Meanwhile, Cas travels to Houston, TX, with Metatron. After Metatron is taken, Cas gets Dean and transports them both to the Bunker and then to Houston, TX, and then eventually back to Sam.
- The bar-owner in Houston, TX, tells us that “it’s 10am on a Tuesday” when Cas starts asking him about his sexual kinks. This is kind of funny, since according to the sign on the door, the bar isn’t supposed to be open until 4pm on Tuesdays. If we were to take the scenes in the show as happening chronologically, than that means that Sam and Dean made it from Warsaw, MO, to Sioux Falls, SD – a 7 hour drive -  between sunrise and 10am.
- Kevin tells us that it took him “6 months” to translate “a piece of the demon tablet.” Since he only recovered the piece of the demon tablet in December, it would place this episode in, or close to, June. However, 9x04 Slumber Party occurs on June 4th, which means that in order to have the proper span of time for the episode in between, this episode has to occur on May 21st at the latest.
- Castiel must take a few hours to look after the bar-owner, because Dean tells Sam that if he’s not back in 8 hours, to just go through with the final exorcism without him – but if it were 10am (when Metatron was taken) then night wouldn’t fall so quickly once Dean leaves. By the time Sam has given Crowley at least five injections (5 hours), it’s already dark outside. Abaddon shows up just before injection number 6 (if we go by the number of injection marks on Crowley’s neck.)


Wednesday May 22, 2013 – We join Dean and Sam at Linwood Memorial Hospital in Randolf, NY, the day after Sam attempted the final trial. Sam has fallen into a coma, and Dean calls on the angels for help. An angel shows up and possesses Sam in order to save him, no doubt saying “I think I’m Gonna Like it Here” to himself once he does. Meanwhile, Cas finds himself in Longmont, Colorado, struggling with his humanity. The episode takes place during one day.
- In I’m No Angel, Dean states that Cas called him on a Tuesday. I’m going to chalk this up to Dean being extremely stressed at the time and not realizing that it was a Wednesday – because Sacrifice and I Think I’m Gonna Like it Here cannot possibly occur on the same day.

Thursday or Friday, May 23 or 24, 2013 – Unknown, 2013 – Sam and Dean try to work out if The Devil May Care, when they drag Crowley to the bunker to try to get demon names out of him. Meanwhile, Abaddon starts her campaign to usurp the King of Hell and Kevin has doubts. The episode takes place over approx. 4 days, as the boys travel to the Bunker, to an unknown naval base, to Eugene, OR, and then back to the Bunker.
- Kevin says “it’s been a bad couple of days” when Sam and Dean arrive at the bunker, which puts this episode around 2 days after the S8 finale.
- I’m pretty sure that naval bases would be near the coast and not inland, but Sam and Dean still manage to get to one from the bunker in no time (the dead bodies are still in the bus and haven’t been moved by the coroner yet), so what do I know.
- Eugene, OR, is 24 hours away from the Bunker by car.

Friday, May 24th, 2013 (Cas) – Unknown 2013 – Cas tries to stay one step ahead of the angels as he navigates his way, penniless, across America. Meanwhile, a worried Sam and Dean try to find him. The episode takes place over approx. 5 days (for the boys). It’s hard to tell exactly how far behind Cas the Winchesters are at any given point. Cas travels from Emory Park, IA, to Lafayette, IN, to Detroit, MI, at which point the Winchesters finally catch up with him and then drive him back to the Bunker in Lebanon, KS. (I’m No Angel)
- This episode starts on a Friday for Castiel, but possibly starts on a different day for the Winchesters. The first day with the boys may be days after the first scene we see with Castiel. The Friday that the episode starts for Cas, might actually be the same Friday that the previous episode started on for the boys. They do end up catching up with him in the end, but Castiel is traveling without a car and may in fact have taken longer to get between places.
- Dean has made circles on the map indicating how far Cas could have gotten “1-2-or-3 days out”, which may indicate that it’s only been 3 days since he last talked to him – however, the last episode took place over four days, so this is impossible. It’s more likely that they’re using it to narrow down their geographical area of searching for strange happenings (as they seem to be doing) in an effort to figure out what direction he might be going, or if something bad has already happened to him.
- Sam tells us that two priests were killed in Emory Park, IA, on Thursday, and the article he’s reading tells us that the priests were killed at 11:30pm at night. This puts Castiel’s discovery of the bodies as occurring on Friday morning. We know from their later conversation with one of the St. Anne’s men, that Castiel spent “a couple of nights” at the Shelter, which would indicate that it may have been his first stop after Longmont, Colorado.
- The fact that Sam says “Thursday” instead of saying “yesterday” indicates that the storylines are not happening simultaneously at this point and that the Winchesters are probably a couple of days in the future, and then slowly over the course of the episode the timing of Cas’ storyline and the Winchesters’ storyline synch up until they’ve officially caught up with him.
- The police reports (11/10/13) and evidence bag (Oct. 28th) are all dated in October, but this does not make any sense whatsoever with the chronology of the plot, so I’ve disregarded those dates as Production following the practice of default-dating the props to around the time that the episodes are set to air, even though it doesn’t make sense for the narrative.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 Wednesday June 5, 2013 – Sam, Dean, and Charlie have a Slumber Party, when Charlie comes over to take a look at the Bunker’s computer. They spend the night having a Game of Thrones Season 1 marathon and then helping Dorothy to stop the Wicked Witch from opening the door to Oz and destroying the world. The next morning, Charlie decides to go to Oz with Dorothy for an adventure.
- When Charlie boots up her tablet, it displays the time and date as “3:57 Tuesday, June 4.”
- The fact that the episode spills over onto the next day is assumed by the fact that all characters (except Dorothy) change clothes before the goodbye scene.

Sunday, June 9, 2013 – Monday, June 10, 2013 – It’s a Dog Dean Afternoon, when Dean has to mind-meld with a dog in order to solve a case. This episode takes place over 2 days, with the boys traveling from the Bunker in Lebanon, KS, to Enid, OK.
- Sam must hear about the case from a police scanner or hacked police computer, because they arrive only hours after the police, rather than a day later. The dead taxidermist’s friend informs us that it is Sunday when he explains to Dean why he was surprised there were no entrails in the collection bins.
- Kevin has just gotten back from his vacation to Branson – which to me puts this episode closer to the previous one, as it’s most likely that Kevin was only gone for a few days, rather than weeks. Also, Dean is still very concerned about Sam’s health, which means that it’s probably not long after “Ezekiel” resurrected Charlie.

Unknown, 2013 (mostly likely late June)Heaven Can’t Wait, when a rogue angel starts putting people out of their misery in Rexford, Idaho, where Cas has been working as a sales associate at the Gas’n’Sip. Dean heads to Rexford to investigate. Meanwhile, Kevin and Sam try to get Crowley’s help in deciphering the angel tablet. This episode takes place over 3 days.
- The opening death happens on a Monday. Cas reads about it, most likely, on the Tuesday or Wednesday.
- The death certificate and crime scene reports for the first victim of the angel both read “Nov. 14th, 2013. However, I’m hesitant to use those dates, as it would mean that 4 months have passed since the last episode, meanwhile, both Abaddon and the news report that Cas watches, both say that it’s only been “weeks” since the events of 8x23-9x01, which would place this episode most likely still in June or at a stretch the beginning of July, otherwise they’d have said, “months.”

Unknown, 2013 – Dean and Sam drive from the Bunker to Hurleyville, NY, to investigate a suspicious death at a reform home for Bad Boys. Sam and Dean spend 3-4 days in this episode trying to find the killer and revisiting Dean’s past.
-1-2 of the days are spent driving, as it takes 21 hours to drive from Lebanon, KS, to Hurleyville, NY.
-The time references for the present are all over the place in this episode. 1) We’re told that “most boys are on break” – which break, a specific federal holiday or just summer? 2)Ruth tells us that Howard’s death was “a year ago” but his tombstone reads March 1st, 2013. 3)We’re told Timmy was found “about a year ago” and came to Sonny’s three months ago. His file has the date 10/12/2013 in it, but I really think that’s just the props department dating for the approx. time the episode filmed.

Unknown, 2013 – Dean finds himself between a Rock And A Hard Place when he’s caught by a pagan god targeting a chastity group in Hartford, South Dakota. This episode takes place over 2 days, with the boys driving from the Bunker to Hartford on the morning of the first day.
- Sheriff Mills calls Sam and Dean in the morning (Sam has fallen asleep next to his breakfast cereal), and they drive the five hours to Hartford that day, meeting up with the Sheriff before they’ve finished cleaning the broken glass from the parking lot.
- Dean discovers that Suzie is a Casa Erotica actress at 5:08. He’s kidnapped “over an hour” later, just before Sam and Jody arrive to warn him of the danger. Dean manages to call Sam as the 8pm train out of Sioux Falls is passing by his location, which is enough of a clue for Sam to find him.

Unknown, 2013 (Monday – Friday) – “Ezekiel” becomes a Holy Terror when Dean finds out that he’s not what he seems. Meanwhile, angel factions are fighting each other, Cas steals a grace, and Metatron recruits Gadreel. We spend at least 5 days in this episode with the Winchesters traveling to Caribou, Wyoming, and then back to the Bunker.
- The bikers are killed on a Monday in 2013, and we first join Sam and Dean that evening on the drive to investigate.
- When we join the Winchesters they are making their way through Colorado (50 miles outside of Fort Collins) towards Wyoming.

Unknown, 2013 (Friday – Sunday, immediately following previous episode) – Dean, Cas, and Crowley take a Road Trip to rescue Sam. We spend at least 3 days in this episode. The crew drive from the bunker/Lebanon, KS, to an undisclosed location, to Somerset, PA.
- We see Dean give Kevin a Hunter’s funeral at night, but when he’s back in the library of the Bunker and looks at Kevin’s phone, we see that it’s 12:40pm...which means there’s a gap of time missing between the funeral and Dean getting back to the bunker. For the purposes of the timeline, I’m counting these two events as happening on two separate days.
- By the time Cas shows up, Dean has changed shirts – which to me puts this on the third day. Gadreel runs the red light around 1:38pm according to the traffic camera, which Crowley informs us was “ten minutes ago” assuring us that this is definitely a day later.
- Although we don’t know the timing for this episode, I will say that it has beautiful fall trees in it.

Early December (most likely), 2013 – Sam and Cas try to perform a tracking spell at the bunker in order to find Gadreel. Meanwhile, the First Born Winchester agrees to help Crowley find The First Blade and accidentally finds Cain. This episode takes place over the course of 24 hours. Dean travels from an unknown location, to another unknown location, to Missouri.
- Cain retired in 1863 and killed the knights of hell (except Abaddon).
- Tara hurt her knee in 1992, which means that her hunt with John Winchester would have been before then.
- In Captives (9x14), Dean tells the demon that he and Crowley worked together “last month.”

December 2013 (two weeks after Road Trip) – Sam and Dean reunite with Garth in Grantsburg, WI, only to discover that Garth has acquired some Sharp Teeth in the 6 months since they last saw him. We spent 3 days in this episode.
- Garth was hit by the car “a few days ago” at the time that Sam arrives at the hospital.
- It’s been two weeks since Dean split up with Sam.
- Sam is coming from New Mexico, which means that Sam’s had at least one hunt since the previous episode, First Born.
- Garth has been missing for 6 months. The last time we saw Dean and Sam contact Garth was in 8.20 Pac Man Fever, which occurred sometime around March or April 2013... but that’s not necessarily when he went missing. He was “MIA” by Early May though, when the events of the Great Escapist occurred, which would place this episode in November or December.
- Garth escapes from the hospital at 4:10pm.
- Garth was bit by the werewolf 6 months ago in Portland, Maine. He met Bess almost immediately and then they got married after 2 months (4 months ago.)

Early January, 2014 – We get to see The Purge, when Sam and Dean investigate bizarre weight-loss deaths in Stillwater, MN. The episode takes place over approx. 5 days at least, with the Winchesters traveling from the Bunker in Lebanon, KS, to Stillwater, MN, and then back again.
- The frequent use of “the other day” to refer to their conversation at the end of Sharp Teeth, means that a few days at least have passed since then.
- The first death occurs on a Monday night, with the body discovered on Tuesday morning, and the story most likely reaching the online paper at earliest on Wednesday.
- The autopsy is dated “2-1-14” – Americans usually date m/d/y, which would place this in early February. However, Feb 1 in 2014 is a Saturday, and I don’t think pathologists work weekends. Our other option is that it’s dated d/m/y and the autopsy is done on January 2 - a Thursday in 2014 – which lines up better logically for a body that was found on a Tuesday.

January 2014 – We get to meet some different kinds of Captives, when Sam and Dean discover that Kevin is haunting the Bunker, only to have him ask them to go find his mother. Meanwhile, Castiel meets with Bartholomew. The episode takes place over approx. 2-3 days. The Winchesters travel from the bunker to Wichita, Kansas, and then back to the Bunker again.
- Kevin mutters that he’s spent “months” trying to break through the veil... which means he’s been dead for months.
- Candy only died a week ago.
- Dean tells the demon that he and Crowley worked together “last month”, meaning that this episode must still be in January and First Born had to have taken place in December along with Sharp Teeth.
- Kevin says that his mother “was held and tortured for a year”. He’s probably not being literal, as Kevin found out that his mother was missing in April 2013. So, it’s most likely been less than a year.

Unknown 2014 – Sam and Dean meet up with the Ghostfacers, when they investigate a recently created urban legend called THINMAN. The episode takes place over at least 3 days, with the boys traveling from the bunker to Springdale, WA.
- It’s a 21 hour trip from Lebanon, KS, to Springdale, WA.

Unknown 2014 – The boys try to hunt down the first blade with Crowley’s help. This odd team of Blade Runners end up tracking the blade down to the home of Cuthbert Sinclair. The episode takes place over approx. 6 days, with the boys traveling from the Bunker, to an unknown location, to the Bunker, to Kansas City, MO, to yet another unknown location.

Unknown 2014 – Sam travels to Milton, IL, to investigate a case. Meanwhile, Dean stays behind on the pretenses of trying to find Abaddon, but instead indulges in a bit of Mother’s Little Helper and brooding, before hitting a bar where Crowley finds him for a chat. Excluding the teaser death, this episode possibly only takes place within a 24 hour period (over 2 calendar days). (See notes)
- It’s been “days” since the previous episode, as Sam informs us when he complains that they’ve been “combing through this stuff for days” trying to find Abaddon.
- We know it’s the morning when we first join the Winchesters, because Sam asks if Dean’s slept.
- It’s only a 7 hour drive from Lebanon, KS, to Milton, IL. If he left earlier enough, Sam could have gotten to Milton on the same day to interview the Sheriff and then report back to Dean. He tells Dean that if he doesn’t find anything good by morning, he’ll leave – so it’s that same evening that he meets Julia Wilkinson.
- Dean may also travel to Milton, IL, in this episode. We see him at a bar called “The Milton.”

Unknown 2014 – Castiel is treated to some Meta-Fiction when Metatron abducts him from his motel room in Utah. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean manage to track down Gadreel in Odgen, UT. The episode takes place over 3 days.
- It’s a 12 hour trip from Lebanon, KS, to Ogden, UT. However, I’m guessing that they actually make the trip in one day, as it’s daytime when Cas calls them, and night when they arrive.

Unknown 2014 – When Sheriff Jody Mills finds a girl, who goes by the names Alex Annie Alexis Ann, being chased by vampires, she calls in Sam and Dean for help. The episode takes place over 3 days. The boys travel from Sioux Falls, SD, to O’Neill, NE, and back again, twice. Jody’s cabin is just outside of Sioux Falls.
- The trip between Sioux Falls and O’Neill takes ~3 hours.

~June 7-9, 2014 – Sam and Dean end up in Chicago helping a cop when it’s discovered that the city is divided between five different monster Bloodlines. The episode takes place over approx. 3 days, most likely over a weekend.
- David Lassiter impersonates the professor while the professor is “away for the weekend.”
- It’s before Spring Finals at university, the University of Chicago operates on a quarter system and their spring finals are in the first week of June, which puts this in line with the next episode.
- Dean and Sam leave Chicago after Dean gets a call from Castiel who has “a line on Metatron”, which sounds a lot like the set-up/events of the next episode (King of the Damned), which Stairway to Heaven then immediately follows, which would place this episode in June.

~June 9-10, 2014 – Abaddon kidnaps Crowley’s son, Gavin, from the past in order to manipulate the King of the Damned. Meanwhile, Castiel asks Dean and Sam for help interrogating an angel who had been boosting about being in Metatron’s inner circle. They then travel from Castiel’s HQ’s unknown location to Cleveland, OH, to take out Abaddon. We spend only two days with the Winchesters.
- Assuming that this episode takes place directly after the previous one. It takes 6 hours to drive from Chicago to in or near Missouri (where I’m placing Castiel’s HQ for the purposes of this timeline.) The Winchesters leave in the morning from Chicago, so they could arrive the same day at Castiel’s HQ.
- Gavin is abducted from Leith, Scotland, in 1723. Crowley tells him it’s been 291 years, confirming that this episode takes place in 2014.
- See Stairway to Heaven notes for date explanation.

June 12- (at least) June 15, 2014 – After angels start turning themselves into suicide bombers, Castiel calls the Winchesters in for help. While Dean stays to investigate, Sam and Cas follow a rogue angel to what they hope might be the Stairway to Heaven. This episode takes place over at least 3 days, with the Winchesters traveling from the Bunker to Missouri, to Cas’ HQ, and then Sam and Cas traveling to Wellington, CO, and Pray, MT, then back to HQ and inevitably back to the Bunker.
- Finally, the show gives us a date – Sam looks up Josiah’s vessel’s information and discovers that someone “just used his credit card at a Gas’n’Sip”. The date of the purchase is 6/12/14.
- Sam tells us at the beginning of the episode that they just got back to the Bunker “2 hours ago” and then later in the episode we see that Castiel had not gotten the news that Abaddon was dead yet, which to me indicates that not much time has passed between the previous episode and this one. Probably, the only time that has passed is the 15 hours it took the Winchesters to drive from Cleveland, OH, back to the Bunker, plus the two hours that Sam got to sleep before Dean woke him up.
- We don’t know where Castiel’s HQ is, but I’m willing to bet it’s close to Missouri, as the Winchesters were still wearing their FBI suits when they arrived, so I’m not factoring in extra travel time to get there.
- It’s an 8 hour drive from Wellington, CO, to Pray, MT. It’s then a 20 hour drive from Pray, MT, to Missouri. Cas and Sam could have driven straight back, but that would still push them onto a third or possibly fourth day. Personally, I like the idea of the trip taking them two days and them having to sleep in the car together at the side of the road... because I think that’s adorable.

~June 15-16, 2014 – Gadreel comes to help Castiel and the Winchesters take down Metatron. The Mark of Cain is taking its toll on Dean. Metatron starts his campaign to win have humanity start worshipping him as God. Dean and Sam separately travel from the Bunker to Muncie, IN, and then Sam drives Dean back again after Dean’s confrontation with Metatron. The episode appears to take place over roughly 24 hours spread over two days, at least. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)
- This episode picks up immediately after the previous episode.

- It’s an 11 hour trip from the Bunker (Lebanon, KS) to Muncie, IN.

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