April 28th, 2002

The Damned and the Saved

If Clothes Could Talk: Season 13

Dean's Grey Henleys

Dean's S1 Red Shirt
Dean's S7 Blue Carharrt (maybe)
Dean's S8 Army Green Shirt (maybe)
Dean's Murder Shirt (Red Carharrt)
Dean's Red and Yellow Plaid
Dean's Charcoal Plaid
Dean's Blue Double-Pointed Pocket Shirt
Dean's Bisexual Plaid (Soft Purple Plaid)
Dean's Blood Orange Shirt
Dean's (Blue) Brown Hidden Plaid
Dean's Orange and Blue Plaid
Dean's Light Brown and Blue Plaid
Dean's Dark Denim Shirt
Dean's Dark Grey Shirt
Dean's Brown Western Shirt
Dean's S11 Light Denim Blue Shirt
Dean's Tiny Buttons Shirt (it may have happened in a dream)
Dean's Soft Plaid
Dean's Red and Black Checkered Plaid
Dean's Charcoal Pocketless Shirt
Sam's Blue and Black Plaid
Sam's Red and Light Grey Medium Plaid
Sam's Dusty Red Plaid
Sam's 70s Brown Plaid
Sam's Purple and Brown Plaid
Sam's Blue/Grey Horizontal Plaid
Sam's Dark Brown and Blue Plaid
Sam's Black Shirt
Sam's Very Busy Plaid
Sam's Brownish Grey and Electric Blue Plaid
Sam's Red and Black Plaid
Sam's Tiny Grey and White Plaid
Sam's S10 Light Blue Plaid
Sam's Faded Red and Black Plaid
Sam's Irregular Blue and Yellow Plaid
Sam's Gorgeous Red and Blue Plaid
Sam's Clinging Green Plaid
Sam's Clinging Red Plaid
Sam's Green & Blue Camping Blanket Shirt
Sam's Checkered Green Plaid
Sam's Blue and White Large Plaid
Dean's S13 Charocal Shirt
Dean's S13 Brown Shirt
Dean's Blue Plaid with Red Accents
Dean's Mostly Red Plaid
Dean's Dark Grey Plaid
Dean's Grey and Red Flannel Plaid
Dean's Green Plaid
Dean's Dull Brown and Orange Plaid
Dean's Chunky Plaid
Dean's White and Grey Plaid
Sam's Faded Dull Plaid
Sam's Blue and Orange Plaid
Sam's S13 Orange Plaid
Sam's Red and White Plaid
Sam's White, Grey and Red Plaid
Sam's S13 Red Plaid
Sam's 80s Videogame Plaid
Sam's Blue/Green Plaid
Sam's Tan and Beige Plaid
Sam's S13 Black Shirt
Sam's S13 Grey/Blue Plaid
Sam's OTHER White, Grey, and Red Plaid

Sam's Dark Coat
Sam's Green Invisible Snap Jacket
Dean's S8 Green Utility Coat
Dean's Silver-Snap Blue Coat
Dean's Dark Jacket
Sam's Sleek Chicago Coat
Dean's S10 Short Black Jacket
Dean's Patch Jacket
Dean's S10 Comfy Blue Jacket
Sam's S11 Blue Coat
Sam's Fine Wool Trench
Sam's S12 Tan Snap Jacket
Dean's Green Invisible-Snap Military Jacket
Dean's S12 Black Military Utility Coat
Sam's Rust Jacket
Sam's S12 Blue Zipper Jacket
Sam's Grey Jacket
Dean's Dark Single Breast Pocket Jacket
Dean's Dark Wool Coat
Sam's Brown Wool Trench
Sam's Borrowed Camo Jacket

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