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I really want to go to the SFCon...

I hate my job and I'm all depressed...and man, but I really want to go to the San Francisco Supernatural Con in January...there are still tickets, and and...Genevieve is going to be there. Not officially of course, but she's going to be hanging around...and I love Genevieve. I kind of want to see her...

But I can't afford it, because my job sucks. My whole life is ridiculous. I'm all depressed.

Also, I hate traveling in the States, and I've successfully avoided US airports since 2001...and I can't afford it anyway. Still, I really wish I could go.

Um...a note to my newest friend on LJ: Uh, I'm not usually this depressed. Just so you know. I'm just having a bad day.
Tags: goddamn it

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