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Pet Peeves: Christmas Edition

Ok, so, this is only mildly annoying...but...

A lot of people are doing "12 days of Christmas" things...and by "a lot", I mean the Winchester Family Business and maybe some other people...

But but...guys, the 12 days of Christmas take place between December 24th and January 6th, they don't take place BEFORE Christmas. It's the 12 days between when Jesus was born and when the Three Wise-Men/Kings showed up with presents....doesn't everyone know this?

It's easy to remember, because Orthodox Christians (Like Russian Orthodox) celebrate Christmas (open gifts) on January 6th. They take the day off school and everything...did no one else go to school with Russian Orthodox people? Is it only me?

PS: I'm not actually endorsing WFB as a fansite - I check it occasionally, because I like one of their writers and the motivational posters, but overall there's a lot that annoys me about it. I haven't actually found a fansite that I fully endorse in this fandom...besides the SuperWiki, but I'm not sure that counts (and even then, I get super annoyed whenever their twitter account promotes the "mythology" timeline they have that is RIDDLED WITH ERRORS AND COMPLETELY INACCURATE AND MAKES ME SO ANGRY!)

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