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Quick Reaction: 6x11 Appointment in Samarra


On with the show (and yes, I have had wine)...

Oh man, will I even remember it?

So, it starts off with Dean at 230 Keefer St in Chinatown...at first, I thought Sam really had walked away and stayed away...but we'll get to that.

Dean goes to see an old doctor friend - and dude, I liked this guy. He was so cheery, and his assistant looked like a tattoo artist. Also, Dean looks nice unconscious, but I'm jumping ahead.

I liked how Dean gave the Doc a letter for Ben - this episode mentioned a lot of the loose emotional threads of the show - the fact that Dean hasn't had any closure with Ben (nor has he really had any closure with Lisa, but that's more her fault that his - since she basically told him to get lost and then never called him again). But, yeah, like I said, I got the feeling that Dean had stronger emotional ties with Ben than he did with Lisa - so it really bugged me that things with Ben were left the way they were. Anyway, wish I knew what was in that letter.

I also liked Dean's line about Sam: "This doesn't go my way, it won't matter to Sam" or words to that effect. It's pretty harsh for Dean to boldly state like that the fact that Sam (or at least soulless Sam) doesn't care one way or the other whether Dean lives or dies. Though, I'm not sure that's true - since Sam seems to save Dean and also seemed to want Dean around...

Anyway, next we have Dead!Dean calling Tessa to him - who was totally busy reaping Africans, how rude. Anyway, he asks her to get Death and she's like "NO!" but Death just shows up.

God I love Death. Seriously...I wish that guy was my dad. Is that weird? He's so goddamn cool. I like how smooth he is, and how Dean is genuinely completely terrified of him. Dean would totally be a Gryffindor is he was sorted in Harry Potter - I mean, it takes a lot of balls to summon someone who absolutely terrifies you and then try to order them to help you...or blackmail them, or whatever he was trying to do. I guess he thought he could barter for the ring, but Death was like "Dude, I'm NEARLY AS POWERFUL AS GOD, YOU IDIOT! And wasn't having any of it.

And we finally get mention of ADAM! Poor Adam...all the horrible destiny and none of the love.

I should mention that as soon as Death said "Sam or Adam" I said "Poor Adam" just as Dean said "Sam". Though, if you think of it, I can see Dean's logic - Michael would be more willing to protect Adam from Lucifer's wrath than he would be Sam - because Michael has got to be REALLY pissed at Sam as well - given how Sam pulled him into the pit. Poor Adam just said yes like a good boy and then got the shit end of the stick. Anyway, I'm just saying, if one of them has to be stuck in the cage, Adam would probably have a slightly easier time of it. Though, yeah...he'd probably much prefer to be back at Prom.

So, the deal - be death for 24 hours, then Death will get Sam's soul back.

Being slightly spoiled as I was, I knew that Sam would be going after Bobby - so I totally thought that Dean would fail the deal when he was sent to reap Bobby.

But, we'll get to that...

Dean goes back to Bobby's and we discover that Sam is still with Dean and didn't walk away forever - he is however, extremely against getting his soul back. He doesn't trust this so called "Wall" that Death can put up to keep him from being a vegetable - nice writing trick to keep Sam from being a vegetable by the way!

Anyway, Dean goes off to take the deal, and Sam goes off to summon Balthazar of all people. When Balthazar mentioned that he wanted Sam dead, I was a bit surprised - I totally don't remember that. Anyway, Balthazar tells Sam about a spell...what was in it for him, I don't know...did he say? I honestly can't remember.

ETA: Also! SASSY! I love Balthazar's "why don't you ask your boyfriend?" - I don't ship anyone on this show, but I absolutely love the name of the the Sam/Cas ship...so, yeah, whenever it's hinted at in the show, I can't help but say "SASSY!" all excitedly. Also, really, if I were going to ship...if Cas and Dean have a "more profound bond" and Cas is Sam's boyfriend...yeah, threesomes all the way. But again, I don't ship anyone...the name just brings me joy..

Sam needs the blood of his father, but his father need not be blood - I liked that.

Meanwhile, Dean is reaping. Tessa is his supervisor - though she calls him boss. I like Tessa's no nonsense approach to stuff. Anyway...first up is some dude robbing a convenience store, and hey ASIANS! Too bad they are in a stereotypical role! Ah well.

Dean has no problem reaping the dude that threatened to shoot a kid. then there's the dude who had a poor diet, and Dean can do this one fine too - because, you know, life choices. I love the Kansas line - so well played...and the fact that of course Kansas does the unofficial theme song for Supernatural has to be part of that joke.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Sam is hunting Bobby and Bobby might have been born at night, but it wasn't last night...I absolutely loved these scenes...I love how Killing-machine Sam couldn't quite get the best of Bobby, or at least, got HORRIBLY bloody while he was trying. I love the blood streaming down his head, and the axe cut to his leg...and I love the fact that Bobby rigged up an trap door to the basement in front of that closet that Dean trapped them in during the zombie invasion of 2010.

So, we discover that Dean won't reap a 12 year old girl with a heart decision - and I suppose I would have liked it if it wasn't the very FIRST morally ambiguous case that scuffered him.,..but you know, time constraints. It was interesting where they went with his refusal - that his actions have consequences, that you can't actually cheat death, that not everyone can be like the Winchesters...

The nurse died (and I figured something like that would happen when we saw her on the phone)...then Dean sees the boyfriend get in the car after drinking in the bar across from the hospital...

Thinking back on it, I like the fact that Dean took off the ring for a total stranger. Like I said, I was sure he was going to take off the ring to save Bobby...and that would have made it a decision between Bobby and Sam...but the fact that it was for a stranger, it was about what Dean was raised to do and Sam....basically, letting that dude run off the road would have been against Dean's nature, just as killing that 12 year old would have been. 

Now, of course, that being said, he still does kill the 12 year-old, but only to stop the string of unpredictable deaths he accidentally started by not killing her in the first place....and we all learn something important...but I'll get to that.

I wonder what the importance of the would-be dead guy seeing Dean disappear after the crash? Was it just a cool brief OPOV or was it something more?

Sam is scary without morals or emotions. Poor Bobby. I love Dean's last minute rescue.

They tie Sam up in the panic room while they figure out what to do...as is their wont. And Dean makes a good point - what is he supposed to do with soulless Sam? Tie him up everytime he tries to kill an innocent? The option of killing him isn't raised, but I have to think it's at least in the back of their minds. If Sam tried to kill Bobby, there's no trusting him...he just as dangerous as anything else out there, perhaps more so.

Then Death shows up in Bobby's kitchen. I love how he commands Dean to sit, just like their first meeting. My friend and her husband think he's eating White Spot fries because of the particular checkered paper they came in...

I also like how Death, like Dean, enjoys cheap food.

Dean has learnt a lesson: It's not easy being Death and actions have consequences...and we learn that the Winchesters themselves have GLOBAL consequences. They keep coming back and it throws off the whole world and Death has to mop up the mess.

Then Death goes and gets Sam's soul anyway...because he wants them to continue "digging"...at souls... Is Death also interested in purgatory? Or is he interested in the power of a soul? Or are the two one and the same? I'm thinking the two are one and the same...if souls are powerful and Purgatory is filled with souls that are neither the property of heaven or hell...then you've got an untapped resource there. But for who? What's Death's stake in it? I would think he'd be interested in keeping order, so is someone else interested in not keeping order and he wants the Winchesters to stop it? Or is it the other way around? 

And then we get the climatic scene - I love Dean's frantic run down to the panic room...and the fact that Death can hold Sam's soul in the palm of his hand.

I love Death telling Sam that he'll feel an itch, and not to scratch that itch....Sam is totally going to scratch that itch, as someone who grew up in the backwoods of Ontario...well, it's nearly impossible not to scratch an itch.

And Sam gets his soul back.

Fade to black.

I'm not surprised by the cliffhanger - I sort of saw that coming a mile off...these 7 weeks are going to be a LONG wait to see how Sam is with his soul back and his hell-damage behind a wall....oh man...is it January 28th yet?

I'm really looking forward to seeing Sam again....of course, there's no possible way that he'll still be the same as he was before Hell - wall or not. I'm interested to see how he's changed. I'm glad though, that he's out of the cage.

Ok, this drunken review wasn't as funny as the last one, but seriously...what more could I say? It was a great episode. Finely acted. And a ridiculously teasing cliffhanger. The next 7 weeks are going to be torturous - pun totally intended.

Until...January 28th? 
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