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Quick Reaction: 6x10 Caged Heat

 I need an icon to communicate how drunk I am when I watch these episodes/write about them.

Today I was up before sunrise, and working in the archives all day, and then came home in time to nap for about 40 minutes...which left me heading to Kathleen's with the only thing I had eaten being a cold toasted blueberry bagel at around noon. So, needless to say, when I walked in the door and she handed me a wine glass it all went straight to my blood stream.

Anyway, I'm still fairly out of it - so here will be the ultimate test of my superior memory skills:

We start with Crowley on Crowley violence! When the scene opened, I totally thought that someone had actually captured Crowley! Until I saw Crowley and realized that it was a shifter. So - Crowley eventually got the alpha-Shifter then. Good to know. I like how he threatens him with the kids, and at first it actually looks like it might work - but no...then he just beheads him. So, I have to say that Mark Sheppard is pretty damn awesome in this solo-double-role-scene.

Title card, commercial break...I start eating something to absorb some of the wine....(it's delicious lasagna!)

The boys pull up in the Impala to hand off a rugaru. Wow, we've come a long way since S4 - though, I suppose this rugaru has already eaten human. 

The boys are still delivering monsters - apparently have been for "months" and Crowley isn't even meeting up with them. Obviously, the monsters they're delivering aren't alphas...just monsters that maybe could lead to the alphas? Dean demands face-time with Crowley...the demon insults him, and GETS AWAY WITH IT. Oh man, you know things are bad when Dean is letting demons have the last word.

At this point, Sam still seems to be acting as though he wants his soul back. I really have to wonder why? Is it just to keep Dean around? If it's just to keep Dean around, why does Sam even want Dean around? Doesn't Dean just stop Sam from being the soulless bad-ass that he is? 

That's a moot point though, because Meg manages to knock both Sam and Dean out. Here's another question for you, if Sam doesn't sleep what does he see when he's knocked out? I'm guessing if sleeping is a quality of the soul, than dreaming is as well...does he just experience absolute nothingness? Is his brain still working? Is his brain just thinking "I'm knocked out" on repeat until it heals enough to wake him up?

Anyway, Meg sits on Deans lap and threatens him with the demon knife - which I'm assuming she took from them while they were sleeping. Dean doesn't like it much, but Sam being the smarter soulless brother clues in to her real motives. Maybe it's because I just walked Sherlock - but Sam is totally channeling a bit of BBC's Sherlock here...what with being a sociopath and all.

So, Meg is after Crowley, because Crowley is after her...trying to kill all of Lucifer's loyal followers to secure his position as King of Hell. Sam proposes they team up. Dean takes issue. Sam makes some valid points about teaming up for now and then double-crossing her. You know, I'm not saying Sam is totally correct in his methods...but um...he's really got a handle on how Ruby managed to screw him over so badly, hasn't he? I mean, he keeps proposing that they do it to everyone they meet. It sort of reminds me of the people who are the abused in a relationship, and then become the abuser in every relationship they have after that...or something equally melodramatic (what do you want from me, I'm drunk.)

Sam prays Castiel down from heaven by reciting the plot of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Then he tells Castiel that if Cas doesn't help him get his soul back, he'll kill Castiel....and ok, two things: 1)Sam threatening Castiel - extremely hot. 2)Castiel calling Sam "boy" (he did, didn't he? I didn't just hear that?) - also hot. 

Third thing - Sam telling Dean that Cas is helping because that's what friends do for each other - subversively hot. Hahaha...in all seriousness, I thought it was rather endearing that Sam lied in order to keep Dean's faith in his friend solid. I think Sam knew that if Dean found out that Sam had to threaten Cas to get him to co-operate, that Dean would be upset...and yeah, he was probably just trying to keep them running efficiently, but part of me likes to think that he was also protecting Dean's feelings just a little bit.

That being said, I think Castiel DOES care for Sam. But I'll get into that later.

So, Castiel can't find Crowley with angel mojo, so they hit up Grampa's place. Only Grampa finds them. He reveals that Crowley promised to bring Mary back...Dean points out that Grampa is screwing over Mary's children in order to do it. Grampa doesn't seem to care.

Back to the abandoned house (which given the current US housing market - the Winchesters probably have a good many houses to choose from)...Cas is watching TV, and you just know that this can't possibly lead to anything good. (Again, after watching Sherlock, I immediately jumped to Jerry Spring-esque bad reality TV, but no, Supernatural always has to do me one better). Cas is watching porn...and man, ok, I know this is totally fanservice, or whatever, (and Kathleen and I often joke about the fandom by mimicking typing in these types of scenes to indicate the hordes of shippers out there going nuts)...but this was hilarious. I love the way Castiel says "Maybe she did something bad", because you can tell that it's at that precise moment that he starts finding it sexually arousing...typical religious type, you know? (Hahaha, please don't hate me, religious types! I have had wine....and I'm bad...very very bad....;)

Then, under motivations I should have questioned much sooner (totally blaming it on the wine, btw), Grampa seems to have a slight change of heart and he tells them where Crowley is.

Castiel and Dean find time for a private conversation somewhere in here too...and Castiel levels that Sam's soul is probably pretty "mutilated" by now, and that cramming it back into Sam's body might destroy Sam...and ok, I know I just wrote a fanfic the other week that was basically that exact premise, but dudes, I don't actually want that to happen! I mean...well, yeah, in a way I do, because I do want there to be real consequences to Sam's time in hell...but I want Sam to eventually RECOVER...also, I'm super worried now that they might leave Sam soulless...I don't think they will, but then, I didn't think they'd do a lot of what they did in this episode...but but...you can't keep Sam's soul in hell, that's really not fair to Sam's soul....

Also: Sam is really good at hiding, given how large he is. How did Dean and Castiel not see him there? *I* saw him there.

So, they all jump into the Scooby van and...wait, wrong show...they drive there. Oh, but first Sam totally takes out the demon that was eye-fucking Dean earlier...claiming that he was more interested in killing them than he was in killing Crowley....are you sure it wasn't just because he was eye-fucking your brother, Sam?  (I swear it's the wine...I really don't like wincest, it's not my fault that I can totally see what scenes make awesome fodder for it).

So, off to Crowley's headquarters...where they can just waltz in the side-door. Yes, total trap. 

So...stunt demons #1 and #2 are taken out...then we finally get that make-out scene between Castiel and Meg (and yeah, Castiel definitely learnt that from the pizza-man...because there's only one thing to do with bad girls...oh, god, ok, I'll stop...seriously, show...there's such a thing as making it TOO easy).

We had to rewind the show four times to figure out that Meg's line was "you're so clean". I wonder what it would be like to kiss someone and feel clean? It totally reverses the concept of dirty talk.

Meg holds off the hell hounds with Castiel's angel-killing sword...and that was pretty cool. Mind you, I just really like the look of those angel killing swords...and yeah, my mind is completely in the gutter on that one too (sorry, I know I said I'd stop...but imagery...)

Sadly, Meg is kind of tired after that and Demon!Christian shows up and takes her away.

Before that of course, Grampa had the audacity to banish Castiel -  using a variant of the angel repelling sigel ...it looks pretty cool actually. 

Then Crowley captures them and throws them into prisons filled with bodily waste...lovely. Grampa comes to chat with Dean...and man, Grampa is kind of a douche. Apparently he's mad at Dean for choosing his brother over his mother? Seriously? Let's see...choose the brother you grew up with who you were raised to protect and who you love more than anything on earth...or choose the woman who sold said brother up the creek? (I'm sorry for the slight Mary-hate there, but honestly)...Mary made her choice. Sam didn't have one.

Dean gets that great line in about Grampa sounding like John - which must of burned, given how Grampa never liked John.

Then we get the GREAT bit with Dean threatening to kill Grampa...and well, it's not really a threat is it - it's a promise. I love when Dean promises to kill people. i love it more when he actually follows up (HINT SHOW!). I love the certainty with which he makes the promise - no matter how dire his circumstances, "I will get out of this, and when I do..." or my other favorite example from Dark Side of the Moon "when I come back..." Dude, you should have done more research before you double-crossed Dean...DEATH HOLDS NO DOMINION - Dean will survive, he will find you, and you will die.

ETA: Simon (Kathleen's Husband) brought up a good point here: Even if Dean dies, and Grampa is successful in bringing Mary back - he's still going to die for double-crossing Dean, because Mary will kill him when she finds out. 

Then Dean gets dragged away and Sam starts chowing down on his own wrist. Have you ever tried to bite through your own skin? You have to go against so many instincts....oh man...(Simon and I were trying to figure out what the heck he was doing...demon blood? No, because drinking his own demon-blood doesn't increase the amount of demon-blood in his system?)

Dean gets locked in a room with two human-eating monsters...were they vampires? I don't know. Anyway...

Sam needed the blood for a devil's trap! And man, that blood-filled devilish-smile when it's successful? Totally awesome, Mr. Padalecki...you are both creepy and extremely attractive while being so (man...ok, wine obviously does weird things to me).

I like how Sam finds Dean by following the cries of "Son of a bitch!"

Oh hey, meanwhile, while all this is going on, Christian is going to town on a very naked Meg...very very naked. She seems even more naked than Ruby was when she was tied down like that...she's also too skinny. Actresses need to put on more weight. I should file a formal complaint with society.

There's something about the angle and the shape of Christian's face that really reminded me of creepy-Alistair. 

Meg is holding up pretty well though, because she was once Alistair's apprentice too...but man, I absolutely love the bit where she starts laughing and demon!Chris is like "what?" and then STAB "Dean Winchester is behind you" - dude, DEAN IS SUCH A BAD-ASS..UNNNNNNNNNNNNFFF...I want to have sex with this whole episode for all the wrong reasons...

Alright, they free Meg, but BAM, Crowley is there - or something to that effect...and first they trick him into the devil's trap, and they DEMAND Sam's soul, but Crowley is like "Uh, yeah, lied about that" and NO ONE IS AMUSED. Except me, because I love the fact that Crowley ISN'T that powerful, because it didn't make sense to me that he could get ANYTHING out of Lucifer's cage, when it took so much effort just to get Lucifer himself out (and so much effort for YED to find the cage in the first place, it seemed). So, the fact that Crowley got Sam's body out WAS a feat. 

(Still no mention of Adam...poor Adam. All the tortured fate, none of the love).

They send Meg in to kill Crowley, but Crowley NINJA SWEEPS HER LEGS! Then THROWS A KNIFE! And BAMMO he is FREE! Or IS he...?!?!?

Because Cas shows up! With BONES!

And CAS has to show off his bad-ass skillz too...and he asks Crowley again about Sam's soul, and Crowley is like "No, I can't..." and Castiel BURNS HIS BONES WITHOUT HESITATION OR REMOSE!

And GUYS! I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY ACTUALLY KILLED CROWLEY!!!?!?!! Who is the big bad now?! Who's the evil-mastermind that they have to defeat with intellect, love, brute force, and cynicism?!! WHAT THE HECK IS GOING TO HAPPEN NOW?! Also. MARK SHEPPARD!!! No! No! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Now, that I've had my Luke Skywalker in Empire Strike's Back moment...I have to say that although I'm sure there will be a LOT of people upset about Crowley's demise, I'm actually pretty damned impressed with balls that Sera Gamble has. She's really created a season where I can't predict from one week to another what the hell is going to happen - who will live and who will die - who the real enemy is...actions have consequences and no one is safe. I like it. I like it a lot.

Meg escapes before Sam can double cross her....but that's ok. She's actually finally growing on me just a little. 

We get a conversation with Castiel....the war isn't going well. He says that most of the time he wishes that he were down there with Dean and Sam and AWWW, my heart. That's basically saying that he wishes he could just live a simple life of traveling America hunting monsters and trying to get his brother's soul back....oh, Cas. I'm sorry you are losing the war. I hope nothing bad happens to you.

Anyway, once Castiel takes off to (I'm assuming) kill all the monsters in the building. Sam and Dean have it OUT.

And this was a long time coming - because really, why does Sam want his soul back? He's high-functioning. He's a good hunter. He can't feel anything. He'll never be sad again. What is the appeal of being miserable? What's the appeal of possibly allowing himself to become a mentally damaged vegetable? Is it really worth it to get his soul back? 

I would argue that yes it is, because Sam's soul is still suffering...and it would be worth it to try to end that suffering. Even if Sam's soul is ruined, I maintain (as Dean did in the fic that I wrote), that it's better for Sam's soul to be on earth and ruined, than getting tortured further in the cage. But yeah, Sam, who doesn't care about anything or anyone (even seemingly his own soul), doesn't see it that way...and who can blame him really? 

So, Sam starts walking away from the Impala...and the following conversation took place during this dramatic exit: (This is also an example of how the experience of watching the show is a little bit different for those of us who actually live in Vancouver)

Me: Where's he going? He doesn't have a car. Where does he think he's going to walk to?
Simon: I think there's a CostCo down the street from there.

And so, dear readers, we leave Supernatural this week, with our main villain dead, Castiel losing the war, and Sam angrily walking to CostCo.

Simon *as Dean*: Pick me up some brownies while you're there!

Not a bad memory for being exhausted and drunk, eh?! I'm pretty damn impressed with myself, I must say. Of course, that being said, let me know if I missed anything important (or unimportant) that you want to talk about. :)


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  • ... give me one more week!

    I didn't do rewatched last weekend, because I wanted a little bit of breathing space after the finale. I wanted to actulaly feel like the show was…

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