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Fic: Vile Violent Vacations 28/30 (SPN/HP) PG-13, Gen

Title: Vile Violent Vacations 28/30
Author: hells_half_acre 
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Supernatural
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Genre: Gen
Warnings: Spoilers for all Harry Potter books, spoilers for Supernatural until 5x10.
Disclaimer:  This is a transformative work of fiction for entertainment purposes only.
AN: Sequel to Damned Demented Demons and Bobby and Hermione - An Epistolary Fic . Updates every Wednesday (PST).

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Summary: In which there is shouting and then Dean does the washing.

“I was ordered-“ Castiel started.

“I can’t BELIEVE you!” Sam cut him off, getting up off his chair and walking towards the sink, his back to all of them. He then spun around and towered over Castiel, even though the angel was also standing. “You’ve given me so much SHIT about...EVERYTHING. And it was YOU WHO MADE IT ALL POSSIBLE?! YOU HYPOCRITICAL DICK!”

“I may have let you out,” Castiel said, and a deep thrum of anger seemed to fill the whole room as he spoke, “but it was you who left your brother and Bobby Singer, it was you who drank that demon, and it was you who killed Lilith and unleashed Lucifer. I did everything I could – I rebelled, I died - in order to get Dean there in time to stop you, and you still did it. So this is not my fault.”

Harry’s mind was racing along with his heart. Carefully, he slid Teddy slowly off of him, tucking him in the corner of the couch where he slept on unaware.

Sam was breathing heavily in anger, but Harry could see how Castiel’s words cut into him – how the angel spoke the truth, because only the truth could possible inflict that much pain. When Sam spoke again, there was a waver in his voice that was either anger, or sadness, or both.

“Everyone told me, for a whole goddamned year, that Lilith needed to die for it to stop – that if I just got strong enough to kill her, I could save-" Sam cut himself off, turned away once again to rub a hand over his face.

“Ok, that’s enough,” Dean said. “Arguing about fault isn’t going to get us anywhere.” Harry watched as Sam nodded, but stayed facing away from them. “Were there any more orders that we should be aware of?”

“Nothing that concerns you, no,” Castiel said, reverting back to staring at the ground instead of at either of the Winchesters.

“Good,” Dean said. “Ok then...Cas, just because you were under orders, doesn’t make what you did any less douchy. You letting Sam out...that was a shitty thing to do to both of us, you understand me?”


“Ok then,” Dean said. “Now, I forgive you because you came to your senses in the end. Sam?”

Sam turned then, and Harry pretended to fuss over Teddy, so that he could pretend not to have noticed the shine to Sam’s eyes.

“Yeah, Cas, thanks for helping us out,” Sam closed his eyes briefly as he replied. “It’s really nice to have a friend like you.”

“I...” Castiel started to say, and then trailed off seemingly confused. “Are you no longer angry with me?”

“Of course, I am,” Sam said, flopping back down into his chair, “doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate what you’ve done for us.”

“This prophecy,” Dean said, rolling his eyes at Castiel’s confusion, “what did it say?”

“I only read the first two lines, the rest only you and Sam can access,” Harry replied. “It’s kept in the American Department of Mysteries.”

“You already know it,” Castiel said. “It is irrelevant now.”

“Oh,” Dean said. “It’s just the usual then?”

Harry couldn’t help but stare at Dean. This whole time, ever since he heard that Lucifer was set free. He had kicked himself for not telling the Winchesters about the prophecy. Not only that, but he had feared for his life should they ever find out that he had kept it from them – and now, now Dean was acting like it wasn’t anything important. More than that, it seemed he was already well aware of its contents.

“You know about it already?” Harry asked. “How? It’s sealed in the archives...the Seer KILLED himself. How can you possibly-"

“Yeah, we know it” Dean interrupted, “now.

“You know how many times I’ve heard ‘It always had to be you’ in the past year?” Sam spoke up, looking at his empty cup with a disappointed frown. “They only kept it from us until I sprang Lucifer from the cage, then they had no problems with sharing, believe me. So, yeah, maybe if you had told us last year, things could have been different, but apparently we’re not arguing about fault right now.”

“Oh,” Harry said, now realizing he’d much prefer it if all his worrying had actually been for naught. “What um....what is it?”

“How much of it do you know?” Dean asked.

’Two brothers, torn apart by Heaven and Hell, the alpha and omega of the end’” Harry recited. “I thought it meant that you were going to stop it, like you said. I didn’t think it meant-“

“We are going to stop it,” Sam said.

“You didn’t think it meant that I would break the first seal and Sam would break the last,” Dean spoke over top of Sam, and then nodded. “It’s alright Harry, I mean, yeah, I wish you would have told us then, but I understand that most people think they can trust angels.”

Harry dared a glance at Castiel, and caught him frowning at Dean. Dean didn’t even bother looking at the angel.

“How did Sam break the final seal?” Harry asked. “I know it was an accident, or he was tricked, or-"

“He ganked the wrong demon,” Dean said. “Remember Lilith?”

“The demon that was breaking the seals,” Harry said.

“Yeah, turns out she was a seal herself. Sammy, um...got himself powerful enough to gank her, thinking he was stopping everything, when in reality him killing her was the final seal.”

“And the demon blood?” Harry asked. “You said...outside you said you didn’t have as much demon blood as before, and when Castiel was yelling at you just now, he said you drank...um...”

“You saw how strong it made me,” Sam sighed. “The more I drank, the more powerful I became. I saved Phil with it, I-"

“I knew you were lying when you said you used the Latin,” Dean said. “Damn it, Sam.”

“I killed Alistair,” Sam continued louder. Dean glared at Sam. Then Sam’s gaze dropped to the floor, remarkably in a similar fashion as Castiel’s had before. “I got addicted to it...I liked the power.”

Harry nodded, now trying to reconcile in his mind the fact that the Sam he had known the year before – who protected his brother like a pit bull and looked like a kicked puppy when he thought he had done something wrong – had been drinking demon blood the whole time. Harry wished he knew what to say to get Sam to stop looking so dejected and ashamed of himself, but he really didn’t.

“I accidentally got my godfather killed,” Harry said, and wondered where he thought he was going with that statement. Judging by Sam and Dean’s expressions, they wondered where he was going with this too. “What I’m trying to say is...well, it’s not...drinking demon blood and setting Lucifer free...but, uh...we all make mistakes?”

There was a pregnant pause, in which the Winchesters and their angel all stared at Harry, and then, as one, Sam and Dean both started laughing – at Harry, splendid. Castiel just looked confused.

“Thanks, Harry,” Sam said, giving Harry a rare smile.

There was a soft knock at the door then, and Harry turned to see Neville poking his head back in the room.

“Judging by the happier voices, I assume the danger has passed,” Neville said.

“Uh, yeah man,” Dean said, “sorry to make you leave your own office like that.”

“Not at all a problem,” Neville said, then he turned to Harry. “While I was...tending to the mandrakes...Professor McGonagall stopped by. I told her you couldn’t be interrupted at the moment, and so she asked me to pass along an invitation to stay for dinner in the Great Hall – you and your guests.” Neville’s eyes rested on Castiel for a moment.

“I have no need for sustenance,” Castiel said.

“Do you two mind staying for dinner?” Harry asked the brothers. Sam and Dean both shrugged. “Excellent. Neville, could you inform her that we’ll be staying. I need to call Gin and tell her everyone is fine.” Harry glanced over at Teddy, thinking that maybe it’d be nice if Teddy could be conscious for the call. “Um, Neville, how do you wake him up?”

“Oh,” Neville said. “I uh...have a tincture that might-"

In two strides, Castiel was standing over Teddy, and touching him gently on the forehead. Harry watched as Teddy’s eyes blinked open, blue-eyed and confused.

“Hey Teddy,” Harry said gently. “You fell asleep.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Harry saw Castiel turn to Sam and Dean briefly, before vanishing.

“I did?” Teddy said.

“Yeah, you must have been tired after all the excitement this afternoon,” Harry replied. Teddy seemed unconvinced.

“Are you sure it wasn’t because Uncle Neville gave me special tea?” Teddy said, looking amazingly like his father for a moment.

“Um, maybe that too,” Harry sighed. “Come on, I need to call home and show everyone you’re ok. I left everyone in a horrible state of worry.”


Neville took off to tell McGonagall that they’d be staying and Dean decided that he should probably get the bloodstains out of his jacket before dinner. While Harry and Teddy called Ginny, Dean made his way over to the sink. He briefly wished he had worn the leather jacket, because it was so much easier to clean – but, it wasn’t very warm, so he’d been in one of his warmer coats for the past few weeks. He fished a small canister of salt out of his pocket and sprinkled some of it over the small blood stain Sam had gotten on the shoulder.

“Hi Ginny,” Harry said from the couch. “Everyone is alright.”

Dean used the washcloth to gently lift the now blood-saturated salt out of his jacket.

“I know, I watched the map” Ginny’s voice came from the small mirror in Harry’s hand. Dean wondered what it had looked like on the map – little dots moving around, no way to know who was winning or losing, just who was still alive. “Teddy are you alright, sweetheart?”

“Yes, Ginny,” Teddy said. He was plastered against Harry’s side so that he could see Ginny in the mirror and she could see him. “Sam protected me.”

“I saw,” Ginny said.

Dean smiled, glancing over at Sam – and noticing the bloodstain on the front of his shirt. It really had been an impressive nosebleed.

“Dude,” Dean whispered, catching Sam’s attention. He pointed at the bloodstain and made the universal hand sign for ‘give me that.’ Sam nodded, and quickly unsnapped his shirt.

“Sam got tortured,” Teddy said from the couch, “with an Unforgivable. It was scary.”

“Is he alright?” Ginny asked.

“Yes, he’s fine,” Harry said.

“He’s there with you,” Ginny said. “Let me see him.”

Harry turned the mirror just as Sam stood and handed Dean his shirt. Sam gave Ginny an awkward little wave and a smile.

“Oh, well, he does look fine,” Ginny said, and Dean could hear the smile in her voice. “Sam, are you alright?”

“Yes,” Sam said, shifting awkwardly. “Uh, I had a nose bleed, but I’m good now.”

Harry turned the mirror back towards himself.

“Maybe I wasn’t finished checking-" Ginny said.

“Gin. Really? Is this the time?” Harry said rolling his eyes. Ginny laughed.

Dean smirked and Sam blushed, then Dean refocused on the bloodstain on Sam’s shirt – rewetting the washcloth and reaching for the salt.

“Harry, who are James Novak and Sofia Robbins?” Ginny asked.

“Who?” Harry asked.

“Sofia Robbins is now in the hospital wing,” Ginny said, “and James Novak was in the green house with you until right before you called and then he just disappeared how did-"

“Castiel was just here,” Harry said, though he still seemed a little confused, “but there was no one named James.”

“He goes by Jimmy,” Sam said.

“Vessels,” Dean clarified.

“Castiel is in some fellow named-"

“Jimmy Novak,” Dean said. “I’m guessing Sofia was who the demon was riding around in.”

“I didn’t realize that angels used vessels too,” Harry said.

“His true form would burn out our eyes,” Sam shrugged.

“Oh,” Harry replied. Dean remembered when he had first met Castiel. He hadn’t known then either, though it made sense once Castiel told him.

“Isn’t that...bad?” Harry said. “I mean, how is that different from what the demons do?”

“The angels need consent,” Sam explained. “Of course, you could argue that most people consent without knowing what they’re consenting to, but there you have it.”

Harry nodded. Dean turned back to the task of washing Sam’s shirt once Harry had refocused on Ginny in the mirror.

“Are the boys there with you?” Harry asked. “I thought maybe they should see for themselves that Teddy’s okay.”

“Yes, I wanted to make sure you were alright before I let them see,” Ginny said. “I’ll get them.”

Dean poured more salt onto Sam’s shirt and listened to the noise of James and Albus greeting Teddy and Harry enthusiastically. James launched into a convoluted retelling of how his mom watched the magic map and they had to draw pictures, so he drew a picture of Teddy, and Albus drew a picture of dead bad guys.

“That’s mildly disturbing,” Sam whispered from beside Dean.

“Kid’s four,” Dean shrugged. “It’d only be disturbing if he drew dead good guys.”

There was an eruption of giggles from Harry’s mirror, Dean turned to see Teddy making funny faces – and really, Dean had never considered that application of Teddy’s shapeshifting abilities, but the kid could make some really funny faces. Dean laughed along with Harry’s kids, as he held Sam’s shirt up for inspection. He declared it good enough and tossed it to Sam.

“Now it’s all wet,” Sam said.

“Being damp is a lot less disturbing to children than being bloody, Sam” Dean said. “Oh, and you’re welcome, please stop complimenting my superior stain-removal abilities.”

“Thank you, Dean” Sam said as he rolled his eyes. “Great job.”

Dean smiled.


Harry ended the call with Ginny. He still had to call Ron and find out how the transportation and interrogation of Carrow had gone. He couldn’t imagine how much more difficult his job would be without Ron has his second in command. It was nice to be able to get away with hiding away with his godson instead of overseeing the transfer of Amycus Carrow. It was also nice that he knew Ron would leave no stone unturned in making sure that Carrow was working alone, and the danger had indeed passed.

Neville came back in the room then and told them that Andromeda Tonks was on the floo in McGonagall’s office, insisting to talk to Teddy.

“How on earth did she find out already?” Harry asked.

“We could hardly keep the children from their owls,” Neville replied. “I’ll accompany Teddy to the Headmistress’ office, if you like. I can make sure the little group of friends waiting patiently in the hallway for him doesn’t delay things.”

“Thanks, Nev,” Harry said. “Sam, Dean, do you mind going along too? I just want to...that is, I still have to check in with Ron and make sure everything is going well.”

Harry hoped the Winchesters would understand what he meant – he hadn’t had a chance to check whether Carrow was working alone, whether Teddy was truly safe.

“Confidential Auror stuff again, I get it,” Dean said, winking as he stood. At first Harry wondered if Dean really didn’t understand that Teddy might still need protecting, but then there was something in the way Dean moved next to Teddy and the way Sam shifted on his feet as he stood – and Harry knew that they understood.

“Maybe one of us should stay here,” Sam said softly, “or you know, just in the hall...in case something comes up?”

Harry was confused for only a moment before he realized that Sam was trying to protect him.

“I just need to check in with Ron,” Harry said. “If I don’t meet you at the Headmistress’ office, then I’ll just stay here – no sense wandering around the castle looking for each other.”

Sam nodded.

“Go on then,” Harry said. “Teddy, make sure she’s not too mad at me, hey? I know your Dad was a bit daft picking me as a godfather, but I do like the job, despite the fact that I seem to be a bit crap at it.”

Teddy laughed, his eyes flashing green and his hair going black, yet he still managed to look the spitting image of Remus Lupin. Harry felt the familiar swell of total love for the boy.

“Don’t be silly, Harry,” Teddy said. “You’re the very best ever – my dad was a genius.”

“Well,” Harry said. “I can’t argue with that, can I?”

“Come on, squirt” Dean said. “Let’s not keep your Grandmother waiting.”

“Yes, sir,” Teddy said, “see you in a bit, Harry”

Harry watched as Teddy left the room, wondering if he knew Harry had sent him off with his very own personal guard. They already had the formation down, with Neville leading the way through the greenhouses, Dean at Teddy’s side, and Sam taking up the rear. They all looked casual, but Harry could see that each of the grown men had their arms loose, ready to pull a weapon at a moment’s notice.


Once they exited the greenhouses, they were accosted by a small gaggle of children. Well, it was really just Iggy, Andy, Nate, and Victoire. Vicky ran up first and threw her arms around Teddy, which caused Teddy to blush to his hair. Dean made sure to wink and smirk at him.

“We heard the screaming during arithmacy,” Victoire said. “After class Hilda from Ravenclaw told me what happened. Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, Vicky,” Teddy said, pushing her off of him. “Didn’t the guys tell you I was fine?” Teddy glared over Vicky’s shoulder at his three friends.

“Only a million times!” Iggy rolled his eyes.

“Come on guys, walk and talk,” Dean said. “Teddy has to get to Cat-lady’s office before his grandmother comes here personally and kicks Harry’s ass.”

“Oh, sorry, Dean,” Vicky said, and the kids all fell into step beside them as they started walking down the hall again. Dean shot a look to Sam, who still hung out behind them all. Vicky twisted around and started walking backwards in front of Teddy, though her focus now was on Sam. “Are you alright, Sam? Nate says that was you screaming...did you really get the torture curse? You were screaming so-"

“I’m fine, Vicky,” Sam said. “It just hurt a lot at the time. Sorry if it frightened you or disturbed your class.”

Dean watched Neville turn around briefly and raise an eyebrow at Sam, then he shook his head and kept walking through the corridors.

“Professor MacMillan made us all go to his classroom, and talk about what happened and what we can learn from it,” Andy said. “We asked him how it was that the man in the trench coat could turn students into portkeys, and he didn’t know! He said that maybe the man knew house-elf magic. Does your friend know house-elf magic, Dean?”

“Something like that, yeah,” Dean answered.

“Where is he now?” Nate asked. “Is he still with Mr. Potter?”

“No,” Dean answered. “Cas doesn’t like to stick around very long. He’s got some important stuff to do.”

“Are there more people going to be trying to kill Teddy?” Iggy asked.

“No,” Dean said.

“Maybe” Teddy shrugged.

“Whoa!” Dean said, “no maybe...Teddy, you’re safe now. It was just that one guy.”

“Sure, that’s why I can’t walk to the headmistress’ office without three armed guards,” Teddy rolled his eyes.

“Harry just needed to make a confidential phone-call,” Dean said.

“Right, yeah,” Teddy said smiling.

“Teddy! There yeh are!” A booming voice suddenly sounded through the corridor, and Dean tensed until he looked ahead of their group and saw the giant outline of Hagrid, waiting by the gargoyle that guarded McGonagall’s office.

“Hi Hagrid!” Teddy said, running ahead and nearly disappearing as he hugged Hagrid’s right leg, while Hagrid patted him gently on the back with a giant hand. Teddy stepped back after a moment. “I’m alright Hagrid, don’t worry.”

“I heard the whole story,” Hagrid said. “All anyone’s talkin’ about.”

“Hagrid, if you’ll excuse Teddy, his Gran’s waiting on the floo” Neville said, then turned and said the password to the gargoyle, who leapt to the side to reveal the staircase. Teddy waved and ran up the stairs.

Before Dean could decide whether he was meant to follow Teddy into McGonagall’s office, or wait out in the hall with the kids, Hagrid was walking purposefully over to Sam – who Dean could tell was trying not to freak out...Dean was trying not to freak out too, since it appears the giant man was on the verge of tears.

“Sam!” Hagrid said. “I heard what you did for our Teddy. You’re a good man!”

With that, Hagrid enveloped Sam in a giant hug, patting him on the back with seemingly a little more force than he had with Teddy. Sam’s eyes went really wide and he threw a familiar ‘save me!’ look to Dean. Dean had to bite his lip to keep from laughing.

“Was in the unicorn glen, I was. Could hear you scream on the breeze, you had 'em all quite worried,” Hagrid said.

“Um...sorry?” Sam said, bringing his arms up and trying to pry himself out of the hug. Hagrid seemed to take the hint and let him go.

“Ain’t nothing to be sorry fer,” Hagrid said. “You saved little Teddy. I knew his parents, I did...his grandfolks too. Good people. Boy’s the spitting image of all of ‘em!”

Dean was still trying to wrap his head around whether Hagrid’s observation was correct or not, when Neville reappeared without Teddy.

“Everything alright?” Dean asked.

“Yes, just thought I’d give him some privacy,” Neville explained. “The Headmistress will send him down when he’s finished. Also, she’s already talked with Ron, and apparently the school is no longer in danger, so we needn’t worry.”

Sam and Dean both leaned against the wall, watching as Neville engaged Hagrid in a conversation about fertilizer, and the kids broke off into their own conversations ranging from whether Hilda’s account of what had happened was accurate, to whether or not they were still expected to do their homework over the weekend when clearly some of them might be quite distraught. Neville chimed in with an ‘when I was your age...’ story that had all the kids groaning. Dean and Sam just watched.

Eventually Harry showed up and gave them a nod that meant everything was alright. Dean and Sam gave him a nod to confirm, and then laughed when Hagrid smothered Harry with a hug too. Harry just grinned and hugged Hagrid right back. Dean figured he must be pretty used to it.

Finally, after nearly a half hour, Teddy re-emerged from the office. Teddy’s hair was jet black and his eyes were green, and if Dean were meeting Teddy for the very first time, and he didn’t know that Teddy was a metamorphwhatever, Dean would have sworn that Teddy was Harry’s son.

“She hasn’t banned me then?” Harry asked.

“’Course not, Harry,” Teddy rolled his eyes.

McGonagall descended the stairs behind Teddy, and looked around the waiting group.

“Hello Professor,” Harry said. “Sorry about the ruckus today.”

“No apologies necessary,” McGonagall smiled. “Save for the fact that you did not give me the opportunity to have a crack at Amycus myself, of course. Though, I must say, I had the, perhaps foolish, idea that once you graduated you would somehow cease to become engaged in wizard battles on school property. I feel as though I may choose to retire before your other children attend school here – as they will surely cause me to have an aneurysm. At least Teddy has the benefit of inheriting Remus’ good sense.”

Dean thought it hilarious how all week everyone had seemed to fall over themselves in order to please Harry, and yet, here was Professor McGonagall treating him like he was still in school. By Harry’s smile though, he didn’t seem to mind in the slightest. Oddly enough, he even looked proudly at Teddy when McGonagall had mentioned how he took after his real father instead of Harry.

“Now children,” McGonagall continued. “How about you run along to the Great Hall ahead of us, it’s almost time for the evening meal, and I must say – I’m sure Harry’s entrance will be much more dramatic if he’s the last to arrive.”

Harry laughed, ruffling Teddy’s hair before he and his friend ran off down the corridor. Neville nudged Hagrid, and they also took off down the corridor with a quick “see you in a few” as parting words.

“Gentleman,” McGonagall addressed them, just after the children disappeared out of earshot. “I’d like to thank you personally for your assistance today.”

“No thanks necessary, ma’am,” Sam said. “It’s kind of our job, you know...saving people.”

“Yes, well, nevertheless, it is appreciated,” McGonagall said. “From what I understand, Hunters are often persecuted by Muggles, rather than applauded. I suggest you enjoy this evening as the rare treat it will be.”

“Uh, what do you mean?” Dean said, just a little bit confused.

“Come along, and you’ll see,” McGonagall smiled, and then they all began to walk down the corridor. “Now, Harry, I’ve invited Ron to join us as well. He told me that he had to wait to check in with you before he could accept the invitation. Have you spoken with him?”

“Yes, Professor,” Harry said. “He’s on his way back from Azkaban now, I think he may be fifteen or twenty minutes still, but I promised him I’d save him some food.”

“Oh excellent,” McGonagall replied.

They continued to walk down the corridor. McGonagall asked about Sam’s health, and they assured her Sam was fine. Like Neville, she was worried that the wards had such an extreme effect and wondered about the health of any Muggles that might wander by Hogwarts by accident. Dean was actually impressed that Harry was able to explain that Sam was a unique case, without actually going into what it was that made Sam unique.

Finally, they arrived at a pair of giant wooden doors. Dean could hear a multitude of children’s voices chatting away behind them. Professor McGonagall gave Harry a wink, and then opened the door with a wave of her hand.

Dean was not prepared for what met them on the other side.

Chapter 29
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