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Sherlock episodes 2 and 3

Sherlock episode 2 wasn't as good as episode 1, but episode 3 was excellent.

Now, that being said - absolutely cruel to end it there boys! CRUEL! Are you telling me I have to wait until AUGUST for the dramatic conclusion? This is worse than that time Dean went to Hell.

I must go off and find the fandom surrounding this show - as I suddenly require copious amounts of friendship-schmoop. Oh friendship...how I adore you. (The irony of me ignoring my own friends to watch shows about friendship is not lost on me.)

You know what else I discovered in the 3rd episode? Benedict Cumberbatch (btw: most glorious British name ever) sounds amazingly like Alan Rickman. I like him. I like him a lot. Plus he has those adorable little slanted eyes. Also, I find Watson's slightly greying hair sort of sexy. In conclusion: boys are pretty.

If anyone has some Sherlock fandom links for me, please share in comments (I'll take slash too, but it has to be REALLY good, so don't bother with mediocre links .....haha, I love how I always take on the personality of whoever I've just been watching. I'll go shower the Sherlock Holmes off of me before I offend anyone.)
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