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I may have just fallen in love...

...with Sherlock.

Oh man...after avoiding getting into any other shows, events tonight conspired against me...
1)I felt like doing some knitting.
2)I needed something to watch while I knit.
3)Everyone's on my flist has been talking about Sherlock.
4)I love a good crime dramedy (note: all American crime dramas no longer count as good crime dramas, in my opinion).
5)Apparently Steven Moffat knows that it's all about the love.

But man....good writing, nicely updated to current time...great actors...

Why are there only 3 episodes? Why is it going to take me 2 hours to download the second one? I should be in bed by then! No good can come of this....

On a completely unrelated note: If almonds give me headaches, why do I keep eating them? You know, this self-destructive behaviour of mine will get me nowhere.
Tags: sherlock-bbc

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